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2-FOR-1 is a completely different ballgame! Have 2 coaches oversee your fitness program with only 1 package!


Age, Gender, Background
I have been a coach for almost 15 years and many times I have heard junior-level coaches make references, or make an analogy to something that I would have never thought of. The creativity and individualistic coaching help clients increase their understanding of concepts being shared during the sessions.


Everyone is different!

It is not fair to assume that one coach is going to have the same effect on every client. Even the most experienced and highly accredited coaches will tell you that some clients respond to them better than others. To put it simply, it’s human nature to “like” or “connect” with some people, but not others, and this is especially true with children.


Multiple Coaches = Better Results!

 Program Options Available 

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☑️ Functional Training For Postural Correction (Teens)


☑️ Functional Training For Body Transformation (Adults)


☑️ Functional Training For Anti-Aging (Elderly)


☑️ Functional Training For Sports Performance (Athletes, Golfers, Etc)


☑️ Functional Training For Special Population (Pre & Post Natal, Chronic Pain)

 Program Discount Options 

Coach Samuel, Jack, Hans, Kennard, Justin & Tan Long
Normal Price $1,765.50
Special Price $963.00

Coach Joseph & Llyon
Normal Price $2,086.50
Special Price $1,123.50

Coach Karen & Issac
Normal Price $2,514.50

Special Price $1,337.50

Coach Nelson
Normal Price $3,049.50
Special Price $1,605.00

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for first time visitors to FTI only.

  • Promotion valid from 1st  June to 31st July 2021.

  • Each new client can only purchase once for the 2 Coaches Are Better Than 1 promotion package at discounted rate.

  • Each session is 55 mins. Using of more than 1 session within the same day is allowed.

  • All sessions must be completed within 30 days.

  • 2 options will be provided in the event of sessions not being completed within 30 days:

  • (Option I) Utilise remaining sessions by paying S$ 37.45 (inclusive of GST) of extension fee each session with 1week expiry per session ; or 

  • (Option II) Utilise remaining sessions with 1week expiry for each session by renewing a standard PT package of 12, 24 or 36 sessions with your coach.

  • Strictly non transferable & no sharing of package.

  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom in the event of CB.

  • Two coaches (Primary & Secondary Coaches) will be assigned to you throughout the program. 5 sessions with Primary Coach & 5 sessions with a Secondary Coach.

  • Using of gym facilities are only allowed for clients on PT training days.

Email info@fti-lwz.com or WhatsApp +65 9820 9550 for more details.​