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 Program Options Available 

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☑️ Functional Training For Postural Correction (Teens)


☑️ Functional Training For Body Transformation (Adults)


☑️ Functional Training For Anti-Aging (Elderly)


☑️ Functional Training For Sports Performance (Athletes, Golfers, Etc)


☑️ Functional Training For Special Population (Pre & Post Natal, Chronic Pain)

 Program Discount Options 

Coach Samuel, Jack, Hans, Kennard & Justin
Normal Price $2,407.50
Special Price $963.00

Coach Joseph & Llyon
Normal Price $2,728.50
Special Price $1,284.00

Coach Mattew
Normal Price $3,049.50
Special Price $1,605.00

Coach Karen & Issac
Normal Price $3,156.50

Special Price $1,712.00

Coach Nelson
Normal Price $3,691.50
Special Price $2,247.00

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for first time visitors to FTI only.

  • Promotion valid from 1st April to 31st May 2021.

  • Each new client can only purchase once for the 30 sessions promotion package at discounted rate.

  • Each session is 30 mins. Using of more than 1 session within the same day is allowed.

  • All sessions must be completed within 30 days.

  • 2 options will be provided in the event of sessions were not being completed within 30 days:

  • (Option I) Utilise remaining sessions by paying S$13.38 (inclusive of GST) of extension fee each session with 1week expiry per session ; or 

  • (Option II) Utilise remaining sessions with 1week expiry for each session by renewing a standard PT package of 12, 24 or 36 sessions with your coach.

  • Strictly non transferable & no sharing of package.

  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom in the event of CB.

  • Two coaches (Primary & Secondary Coaches) will be assigned to you throughout the program. 20 sessions with Primary Coach & 10 sessions with a Secondary Coach (Coach Justin or Coach Kennard).

  • Using of gym facilities are only allowed for clients on PT training days.

Email info@fti-lwz.com or WhatsApp +6598209550 for more details.​