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☑️ Functional Training For Postural Correction (Teens)

☑️ Functional Training For Body Transformation (Adults)

☑️ Functional Training For Anti-Aging (Elderly)

☑️ Functional Training For Sports Performance (Athletes, Golfers, Etc)

☑️ Functional Training For Special Population (Pre & Post Natal, Chronic Pain)

 Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Strictly for first time visitors to FTI only.

  2. Promotion valid from 1st April to 31st May 2021.

  3. Each session is 55 mins. Using of more than 1 session within the same day is allowed.

  4. All sessions must be completed within 14 days.

  5. Strictly non transferable & no sharing of package. Unused sessions will be forfeited.

  6. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom in the event of CB.

  7. Using of gym facilities are only allowed for clients on PT training days.

Email info@fti-lwz.com or WhatsApp +6598209550 for more details.​

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