Agility Ladder


Quick Feet = Improved Athletic Performance


Why train on an agility ladder? It looks very much like the game of hop-scotch doesn't it? Isn't that child’s play?


Well children are very quick and agile on their feet, are they not? This is because the heels of their feet do not hit the ground as much as those of adults. Their movements are quicker, more agile and swifter due in large part to the way their feet lands and take off from the ground.


Training with the agility ladder will allow you to retrain the way your feet touches the floor and this will make all the difference. The aim of agility drills using the agility ladder is to minimize the duration and the surface area of the feet’s contact with the ground. Look at Usain Bolt when he sprints. His heels never touch the track for the 100m or 200m races. And of the 9.7 seconds he takes to complete the 100m dash, his feet are in contact with the ground for less than 3 seconds!


While all of us can forget about achieving Usain Bolt’s level of speed, we can all benefit from speed and agility drills. Having good balance, co-ordination and speed means better agility and strength. The benefits carry over not only to athletic performance but also simple activities like playing catching, soccer or basketball with your kids or with friends. Being swift and agile will minimize incidences of injury and you will definitely amaze your friends with your abilities!

Agility ladder exercises are multi-directional; you will learn to move forward, sideways and backwards. By performing movements with unfamiliar joint angles, the agility ladder training promotes a wide range of foot and movement patterns bringing benefits to any ground-based sports. And lets not forget, walking, jogging and running are ground-based activities. Slippery floors, undulating ground will become a breeze for your feet to navigate. You will move like a child once again.