Personal Training Client: Alina

Age: 26 years old 

Occupation: Analyst

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

Before seeing Samuel


How were you feeling? What were your problems or goals? How long were you suffering from that problem? What treatment or methods have you tried? How did you get to know about us?

  • Joint pains in multiple parts of the body that other physios didn’t seem to be able to fix. Has been ongoing since the start of the year after I had a minor neck sprain. I was told the slight sharp pain at the back of my nape will go away over time but it never did.

  • Samuel has been a trusted friend over the years. I’ve seen him challenge himself to grow as a physio e.g. taking on extra courses at this own expense. Casually mentioned about my nape pain and Samuel fixed it on the spot in less than 15 min.

What was your first experience like with PDTR?

  • Was originally skeptical about how easy the process sounds. But the instant you realize the pain was gone, you can’t help thinking it’s magic (despite knowing it’s grounded in science).


What were you experiencing? How did your body feel?

  • Other issues included shallow breathing. Samuel assessed me and found the cause to be ab strain. After treatment, my abdomen could expand normally and my tidal air capacity increased.


How did your body feel after PDTR?

  • Loosen up, better and healthier.


How long have you been treated by Samuel? What are the results or changes so far? What do you like about PDTR? Would you recommend PDTR treatment to others and why?

  • Only for a couple of months over less than 3 sessions and he’s done wonders. It’s amazing to discover how some of the issues I originally thought comes with age were actually treatable.

  • Most definitely. I think everyone with or without known body issues should at least go through PDTR once and experience the difference for themselves.