Personal Training Client: Annie Lee

Age: 51 

Occupation: Managing Director, Commercial
Personal Trainer: Jack Nay Ko Zin

I started to pile on weight after giving birth and was always feeling tired and became very slow and clumsy. To make things worse, I started to experience numbness to one side of my body.  After going through a series of X-rays, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, a spinal condition.  The numbness was caused by the spinal stenosis pinching the spinal nerves.  I started therapy sessions at the hospital but did not see much improvement.  I was then recommended to Functional Training Institute and met with Nelson, the founder, who did an assessment on my condition.   

On Nelson’s recommendation, I started my program with FTI, at first with another trainer.  However, the trainer left the centre and I was assigned to another trainer whom I continue to train twice a week until today.  Sometime in September 2020, I took on the challenge to participate in FTI’s Ambassador Program and was assigned to Jack for additional training sessions.


Jack adopts the R’4 Approach - Review my physical condition before starting on any training, Release any pain or soreness, Retrain to obtain the optimum Results.  He will carefully plan the training sessions and ensure that each session is never the same.  I am most impressed with Jack for his meticulousness to ensure that I adopt the correct form and posture in my trainings to prevent any injuries.  There were times he was able to tell that I had some muscle strains just by observing how I train.
The trainings with Jack are tough and many times, I thought I would not be able to go through them.   But Jack always encourages me to try and push beyond my own limits. 


Having trained with Jack for the last 11 months, my strength and physical condition have improved vastly.  Through Jack, I have also learnt to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle and I am well on my way to achieve my ideal weight and physique.


I believe I am one of the toughest lady trainees in FTI.  

I have recommended Jack’s services to my other family members and friends and they are all enjoying and benefitting from his trainings.