Personal Training Client: Audra Tan

Age: 45

Occupation: Senior Manager

Personal Trainer: Lucia Tong


My fitness goal is to lose weight and improve my core strength as although I have been running/jogging for the past 7-8 years, I have started to slacken recently and my weight started piling up very quickly.  My interest to run dipped largely due to knee and ankle pains I experience whenever I run.  At times, I even suffer from backaches during the start of my run.  All these discomfort resulted in making me dread running which used to be my main source of exercise.   

My increasing weight became a huge concern as it not only affected my self confidence, I am also worried about how it will affect my overall health.


I started to reduce my diet drastically and I already lost about 2kg before I started with FTI but my interest in running or exercising continued to dip and I became lethargic and tires easily.  My brother and sister in law recommended me and my husband to FTI as we were told that the training regime is very different from a normal gym. I have always hated going to the gym as I find it boring and totally unmotivated to just lift weight and run on the treadmill continuously. I decided to give FTI a try as I want to improve my overall well-being by being able to continue have an active lifestyle with my family and friends even as I age.


Lucia is very friendly, patient and observant in what are our areas of “pain”.  She will always ask how I feel after each session. When if certain areas such as my ankles or knees are aching, she will try her best to teach me how activate or release certain muscles so as to ease this pain.  Through some of these easing exercises, the initial areas of discomfort usually do feel “loosened” and I do feel much better after following her instructions.


Lucia is also very encouraging as when I am unable to perform certain actions and feel a bit down, she will try to think of ways to activate other muscles and make me try again.  The sense of achievement is apparent when I succeed in doing an action within the same session just by following her instructions such as correcting my posture and activating certain muscles. The thought that “nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and if you are taught to do it the correct way” is now ingrained into my mind and spurs my determination to try even if I failed the first time. Lucia has become more like a friend than just an instructor and she has also inspired me to continue trying and never give up as she will always say “You can do it!” or “ You are getting better!”


Functional training is unlike the usual gym training I had in the past as seemingly simple actions done in short spurts are able to make me feel that I had a good cardio workout. The exercises maybe short but can be intense and has many variations such that many muscles are worked within one exercise.  It is interesting to uncover some of my ‘sleeping’ muscles in my body which I never knew existed.  This is definitely more interesting than purely just lifting weights and running forward on a treadmill.  I look forward to trying new exercises at every session so as to challenge my fitness to the next level.  I also like the fact that some of these exercises can be done at home so that we do not just confine working out at the gym.


In FTI, everyone does what he wants at his own pace and the instructors are all patient and encouraging. The relaxed atmosphere also motivates you to exercise at your own pace.  Instructors are also really concerned about the clients’ overall well-being rather than just “training”.


I have lost 3.5 kg and my metabolic age dropped from 32 to 25 within 4 months. My back and knees feel stronger than before. When I run, my ankles and knees no longer ache as before.  Thanks to Lucia . 


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