Personal Training Client: Brenda Tung

Age: 37

Occupation: Coach

Personal Trainer: Llyon Lim



I have been suffering from lower back pain since my secondary school days due to playing competitive hockey. Over the many years, I have test out various treatments which ranged from bone setters to chiropractors but of no avail.


Fast forward to today, I lead an active lifestyle which includes lifting weights and Krav Maga. Unfortunately, I had to stop working out due my lower back condition.


I got to know FTI through a friend whose husband was undergoing rehabilitation from a slipped disc operation and he was working out really well.


I am very blessed have Llyon assigned as my trainer. He made sure all bases were covered and designed exercises to rehab my lower back.  Sometime later I was able to go back to my active lifestyle again.


Llyon is a caring and diligent trainer. He spends a considerable amount of time designing each workout to ensure that it is suitable for me and challenges me on many levels. Each workout is tough but fun and engaging at the same time.


I have been training at FTI for about 16 months. There were a couple of times when I sustained an injury during Krav and Llyon was there to fix it.


Along the way, I was surprised to learn that I have flat back and my form was terrible during dead lifts. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I continued to lift heavy weights had I not come across FTI.


Even though I have referred friends who are in pain to FTI, I would recommend FTI to everyone as the trainers are biomechanical dysfunction specialists. All the trainers had to undergone a comprehensive mentorship by Nelson to ensure that they are well versed with how the body functions and design exercises to fix those dysfunctions.





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