Personal Training Client: Brendan Dean Zhi Min

Age: 19

Occupation: Full-Time National Service (NSF)

Personal Trainer: Ralph



Prior to going to FTI, my main concern was improving my results for my school NAPFA/ army IPPT physical tests; this was a month before I enlisted into the army. Out of the IPPT test’s five stations, shuttle run, chin-ups, sit-ups, standing broad jump and the 2.4km run, the two that I’ve had most difficulty with in the past were standing broad jump and chin-ups- so I sought to improve those. My ankle also hadn’t recovered fully from an ankle sprain earlier in the year, so that was another side concern.


Since I started with Ralph at FTI, my fitness goals have shown signifcant improvements as follows:

  1. Consistently being able to reach 234+cm for the Standing Broad Jump (required to get gold for the army’s IPPT physical fitness test); previously, I’d only reached 225cm consistently.

  2. Consistently being able to do at least 12 pullups (again, to get gold for the IPPT). Previously, I went to the pullup bar every day to do pullups in the months before physical fitness tests.

  3. Being able to regularly run under 9 minutes and 45 seconds for a 2.4km run. Again, I trained by running every alternate day in the months before the fitness tests.


Ralph is very friendly and task-focused, as well as being very knowledgeable about different exercises and releases needed to get one into shape again, whether from a lack of fitness or an injury. He knows his stuff, and at the same time it’s always enjoyable to talk to him throughout the exercises- it helps with distracting one from any pain.


At the same time, if he sees that I’m doing any exercises wrongly, he’ll step in to correct me immediately. All of this makes him really effective, and every session has been fun, even when it’s a hard workout that really pushes me.

My fitness has definitely gone up since I started going to FTI and having sessions with Ralph, thanks both to the FTI work and my physical training throughout NS. Before I enlisted, I saw a definite increase in my fitness all-around, with my ankle stability increasing, and muscular strength improving for my core, arms and legs. That all put me in good stead to improve quickly during Basic Military Training (BMT), with its multiple workouts each day, and I was able to achieve all my fitness aims above by the second IPPT of BMT. The work with releases was especially important every time I went for a session during a book out from BMT- allowing my muscles to reduce their soreness and be ready for the next week of physical training ahead after the weekend’s rest.


Finally, I suffered a knee ligament strain due to a bad landing from a platform jump in my second week of BMT; FTI work helped me to recover quickly from it, after a few days of rest from physical training in BMT. Knee strengthening exercises helped my knee to recover to the point that I no longer have to worry about it at all, and can participate in all strenuous Army activities normally.


Sure! The culture is very welcoming and friendly, and the use of releases and strengthening exercises is very effective- as long as you do your own releases and exercises at home as prescribed by your trainer, too. Ralph knows his stuff and is very friendly- he’s definitely a great trainer.


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