Personal Training Client: Bryan

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

Samuel is a trusted friend that has helped other close friends too. As a result, I had a somewhat high level of confidence that his experience and methods were effective.

I was looking to structure some external physical input into my physical routine that was being eroded by a hectic work schedule.

I had some pains in my left knee, big toe, lower back, and left shoulder. I had thought these were routine but found out that they weren’t going away/getting worse.

Previously, I would work out on my own with gym and runs.

My first experience with PDTR (Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex) was quite odd – mostly felt like a cross between hypnosis and acupuncture (without the needles).


Samuel helped me ease into the procedure by explaining the principles behind it and to warn me that it may be different from what I’d expect.

I felt immediate relief after some procedures done. It felt like some muscles were suddenly ‘reactivated’ and I could perform certain balancing manoeuvres I previously couldn’t. It required me to surrender control over some of the responses to make the assessment easier for Samuel. That was quite relaxing.

It’s surprisingly taxing on your mind, but for good cause as it had given me real results in pain relief, and greater mobility.

Over a month now. Reduced pain, better mobility, balance, and overall performance in my daily personal workouts.

I like that it’s a compliment to physically fixes that Samuel is also trained in. Targeting one’s ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ is a holistic approach to overall wellness. I highly believe that one’s neurology is also linked to one’s physiology – hence it would make sense to accelerate the process of achieving your physical goals.

I think giving PDTR a shot is definitely something others should do. I’m thoroughly impressed by the treatment & so are some of my friends who have been treated by Samuel as well.