Personal Training Client: Calvin Cheong

Age: 43

Occupation: Legal Counsel

Personal Trainer: Ralph Daniel Dizon


I was an avid gym goer who injured my back in 2012. Sometime in August 2014, the condition got worst and I had sharp pains/burning sensations shooting down both my legs (especially around my hip area). I then underwent an emergency decompression discectomy at L4/5 with interspinous spacer on 14 August 2014.  After the surgery, I underwent a series of physiotherapies. Although my condition got better, I was still limping and being an active person, I knew I needed to rebuild my stamina and strength fast!  However, the thought of going back to the gym was daunting.  A close friend then suggested that I pay FTI a visit.



My first session was with Nelson who gave me some tips on I could release those tight muscles especially those around by lower back and hips. Ralph was then assigned to be my trainer. I was already actively carrying weights before my surgery but because of the years of bad training techniques, I severely injured my back.  These memories were pretty daunting and for obvious reasons, I had difficulty fully trusting anyone with my body. Hence, when Ralph first started training me, it was not easy for me get back into the “motion”. For instance, my hips will start having strange sensations after each session and I was getting really frustrated because my body just wouldn’t listen to me anymore and I was losing my muscles and stamina fast.Thank goodness, Ralph was very patient with me. Despite what I was going through, he was constantly there to help rebuild back my confidence with the various different technics he’d planned for me. Obviously, he was able to do this because of his vast experience in this field.  Each session was well thought through and the focus was straight forward - to help build back not just my health but also my confidence and life.

I needed to stop limping, pile back the muscles I lost and stay lean. Through the various lower body exercises Ralph planned for me, I literally stopped limping after a few sessions and my lower body became more flexible over some time. On top of that, I needed to pile back my lost muscles and also build and strengthen my core muscles.  Ralph was able to design a detailed and well thought through schedule that suited my needs. I eventually started lifting weights. This coupled with some good functional trainings, I started gaining back my muscles and my body has also become much leaner.


I like it that FTI has a group of trainers who are well verse with what they are doing. Each client is treated differently and because of the trainers’ vast experience and credential, they are able to design specific programmes that could help specific individual needs.  Consequently, instead of planning my life around my back pain, I can now plan my life so that I can remain pain free. The training here is tough, only because the trainers want you to get better. When I do feel like giving up in between the sets, all I have to do is to look at a lady twice my age working out and I just shut my mouth and soldier on and laugh later.



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