Calvin Lee

Personal Training Client: Calvin Lee

Age: 31 years old 

Occupation: Investment Manager

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

I was at the brink of obesity right before I joined FTI. Although I did not suffer from any chronic health issues, I always had a hard time getting my belly down and I wasn’t satisfied with my stamina.


Throughout my life, I did not undergo any structured training or treatment regime. All I did was running and hitting the gym casually. Whenever I hurt myself, I normally went for therapeutic massages at traditional Chinese medicine clinics.

During the COVID lockdown period, my fiancé was getting concerned with my bulging belly and tried to look out for possible solutions. Her good friend, Annie Lee, who trains under Nelson, recommended the Body Transformation Program which was being offered at a concessionary rate

Being a laid-back person, I procrastinated on making the decision until I hurt my back from an extended cycling session, which got me bedridden for two full days.

That painful experience spurred me to get in touch with Nelson, and he subsequently put me under Samuel’s supervision and care. That’s my initiation into FTI.

I went into my first session without any knowledge of Samuel’s credentials. Although I was able to walk at that point, every stride and turn of the body still triggered the back pain.


Upon describing my back injury, he started treating me with PDTR. I am pretty open-minded when it comes to health treatments, and I welcomed this interesting treatment with curiosity. The non-invasive and painless nature of PDTR was also a huge plus for me.

To my amazement, my back pain subsided after the first session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and craved for more. After two more sessions, the pain subsided completely. I am convinced that without PDTR, I would have suffered for a much longer time.

I started fitness training with Samuel after my back pain was cured. Ever since, he treated me with PDTR depending on my physical condition, especially when I felt particularly sore or suffered from pain. Without fail, the soreness or pain would be immediately relieved after each session.


Maintenance wise, PDTR has been effective in loosening my muscles which were previously tight, which improved my fitness performance. This has enabled me to lift heavier weights within a short period of time and complete complex training sets.

On the other hand, during the PDTR treatment, Samuel was very meticulous in asking me about my history of significant physical injuries and traumatic experiences. This process helped me understand that past injuries and experiences contribute to current pain and unpleasantness, without us realising.


Consequently, I am now more conscious of my well-being, as well as protecting myself from unnecessary injuries and negativity.

I highly recommend PDTR to anyone who is looking to quickly and effectively relieve acute and sharp pain. It is also useful in maintaining optimal physical condition. Based on my experience, it is definitely a no risk treatment.


The only investment required of you is complete trust in Samuel, and being as transparent as possible to him about your condition. The body responds well to PDTR, and you will gain a whole new perspective and appreciation of your body after each session. 

I have been training with Samuel for 2 months since October 2020. I am pleased to say that my belly is finally flat, and I am stronger than ever! To illustrate, in a charity drive, I was able to move 30 heavy boxes in one go without panting.


Never had I expected to literally feel strong, and this strength has translated into high confidence and positivity. I have never been more courageous in accepting greater physical challenges and dealing with uncertainties.

Samuel has been very conscientious of my physical condition, which is in line with FTI’s philosophy of pain-free fitness. As I have been told, as long as we get the body functioning properly, the form will follow. Thus, he has pushed me at the right intensity, which led to quick and tangible results.


Our typical routine involved compound exercises and a combination of strength and cardio work outs. He is attentive to variety, and hence every session with him has been very enjoyable and never boring.

He also takes detailed notes of my progress and has been very supportive of my goals. In every session, Samuel makes sure my technique and posture are on point, which prevented unnecessary injuries and discomfort.


On the other hand, he acknowledges hard work. As long as you put in the commitment and demonstrate your grit, he goes all out to make sure you succeed. 

You can be strong, and it is very liberating when you finally become strong. You can trust FTI to get you there effectively, as long as you trust them completely, follow their instructions to the word, and always be honest about your condition and aspirations.


In 3 months, Calvin lost 9.4% body fat and gained 9.3kg of MUSCLE MASS, he has returned to Penang for his wedding ceremony and will be back to continue his fitness journey in a few months’ time.