Personal Training Client: Dr Celena Tay

Occupation: Doctor

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Four years ago when I hit 50 I knew that sooner or later I would become another health statistic. I worked long hours, never exercised, snacked too often and ate out too well at weekends.


My 84 year old mother had joined FTI and trained under Mattew Chan at my younger sister's encouragement. After 3 months, I could see that she was walking more steadily and better coordinated - something 10 years of physiotherapy (following bilateral knee replacements) had not done for her.
I started training under Mattew as well. Initially I was aching all over after every session and ready to give up. It seemed silly to pay a young man to make me suffer...but he was very encouraging. Each session was thoughtfully planned by him making the training interesting, working with different equipment and varying the pace. He gave useful tips about diet and taught me how to release tight muscles which I never realized were troubling me. My backaches disappeared! I have more energy, a better sense of balance and am nimbler nowadays.
I find the instructors and staff of FTI go beyond just providing professional fitness training. The trainers, receptionists and cleaning aunty are kind, thoughtful and helpful to all clients. The atmosphere is relaxed and they treat everyone like family, making the total experience thoroughly enjoyable.
(So if you have to "suffer" for your own good, this is a very nice place to do so.)
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