Personal Training Client: Charmaine

Age: 22 years old 

Occupation: Student

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

I’ve been having recurring migraines for about a year now very often, about once every few days or 2-3 times a week. And each time they stay for about 24 hours. Regardless of the types of medications I’ve used (paracetamol, stronger pain killers, Kefentech plasters), they never did remove the pain entirely.


What began as a frequent migraine extended to feeling neck and upper back strains that affected my daily activities. Some days, it was so hard to get out of bed to get to class and even if I did make it to class, focusing was a huge challenge.

Until I found out about PDTR from Samuel. In an interview sessions he did with PXD on Instagram, his explanations and recommendations to the questions asked on different types of pain/injury caught my attention.


I thought it would be worth a shot trying out this type of physiotherapy to locate the source of pain and hopefully treat and prevent these migraine and body pains from recurring.

Initially, I was sceptical if it was a legitimate therapy as all Samuel did was brushing his hands along my limbs and tapping at certain points. It seemed like nothing much, but what amazed me was how my body reacts to those touch points – at certain instances, my fingers would get stuck and not move or they would immediately give in to the pushing force, almost like magic.


Through Samuel’s constant explanations as to which part of the therapy process he’s in, I’ve come to understand that PDTR is built on foundations of reflexes hence the skin contact was necessary and part of rehabilitation. Samuel was also very respectful towards his clients during the process as he asked for permission and checks for any discomfort before going ahead with the treatments.

Although I didn’t understand what Samuel was doing, I was very impressed with the results as by the third session, my long-standing migraine finally eased off. However, other issues surfaced while the migraine was being treated, such as the slushing sounds when I rotate my neck.


Samuel was able to pick up underlying and hidden issues like these during the treatment process, which was amazing how he managed to point these out even without me telling him. He was also easily contactable when I needed to reach out for help with recurring discomfort, and also checks in on me after our sessions. It was nothing pushy of sorts, but the genuine concern for my physical health that comes from him.

It’s been about 2 months since I began PDTR with Samuel and I’m delighted with how much my body has improved. I no longer needed to take painkillers so often as the migraine had been calmed down. The exercises and stretches that he had prescribed me from the first day we met for consultation has helped heaps whenever I feel any discomfort being initiated. My sitting posture has improved too, which helped a lot in preventing pain from recurring.


We’re still working on exercise posture – it’s great that Samuel keeps an eye on me while I’m engaged in the prescribed workouts at FTI as I tend to succumb to poor posture unconsciously while exercising. Based on feedback, exercises were modified to suit my current abilities to prevent overloading of the body. What I really liked about the exercises was that it was different for each session and it comprised of fun and interesting challenges. He would also tailor the exercises to suit my needs as an Aerialist.

I’d definitely recommend PDTR as I’ve personally experienced the benefits it brings to target and reduce discomfort. I also like the fact that there is no medication involved; a natural process. PDTR would surely benefit those who suffer from long-term discomfort that medication does not cure.