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We are pleased to officially announce the promotion of Coach Jack Nay Ko & Coach Samuel Hsu to Level 2.

Impressed by their consistencies in upgrading their skills through various courses and certifications, it is apparent that they have the extraordinary passion in providing better services and higher efficiencies for their clients. From their clients’ testimonials and continuous referrals received even during this Covid-19 season, we can see that these Coaches are still maintaining their standard and productivity.

Bio Link» Samuel Hsu (R`4 Coach L2)

Bio Link» Jack Nay Ko (R`4 Coach Level 2)


Thank you for believing in them and supporting them all these years to allow them opportunities to advance.

W.E.F. 1st October 2021, there will be some adjustment to their coaching fees as they will continue to invest in themselves to pursue more certifications and acquire more skills to serve you better.

(All NEW clients from 1st October will have to be charged at their newly revised rate.)

For all current clients who have been training with these 3 coaches, here are a few options to consider going forward.

  1. Continue with your existing contract and allowed to renew another package up to 36 sessions at the pre-promotion rate until 31st December 2021. New rates will start 1st Jan 2022 for all clients.

  2. At the end of your current contract, choose a new L1 Coach to pair up with your existing Coach to experience the best from both Coaches at a reduced cost to maximize your investment which is gaining popularity at FTI known as 2 Coaches Are Better Than 1.

  3. At the end of your current contract, switch to another Coach of any level according to their fees to meet your budget and fitness/treatment needs.

  4. At the end of your current contract, engage in Buddy Training Programme with your loved ones/ friends to enjoy cost savings.

  5. 30-minutes Functional Strength Training Program with your current or new Coach to reduce your cost if you are already familiar with release, activation, warm up & stretching on your own.


We hope that you will continue to stay healthy and active whichever option you choose.

Thank you and we see you again soon in FTI.