Cross Core 180


Take your suspension training to the next level!


One of the latest tools in suspension training, the Cross Core 180 takes training on a suspension trainer up another notch, with its unique pulley system that allows for rotation of the body.


The Cross Core 180 was specifically designed for Rotational Body Weight (RTB) training, which makes sense if you are a person who plays any type of sports, from badminton and tennis to team sports like football and rugby, from boxing and MMA to golfing. Rotating is a natural body movement that occurs all the time in any physical activity, and even when you walk and run. However rotational exercises are generally not practiced in the gym, because most of the equipment and exercises do not include nor encourage rotational movements. This is why people who are very “Gym fit” are still susceptible to injuries when they play normal sports.


Adding rotational movements to training and exercise will bring huge benefits to everyone. They mimic real life movement of the human body and prepare the core muscles for the stresses they experience in any sport. Even at home when one does housework, lifting objects from the floor to the shelf or when playing with children or pets, rotational movements occur.


Today people are sitting down more often, spending many hours stuck in front of a computer or watching TV, pain and injury is getting more widespread. Using the Cross Core 180 for Rotational Body Weight training will not only help build a stronger and leaner physique, it can help prevent a whole host of niggling pains and injuries, because it can strengthen the core muscles in a way that many other exercise equipment cannot.

The US Army uses the Cross Core 180 (they call it the “War Machine”) extensively to train their soldiers, from recruits to seasoned soldiers. If it is good enough for them, it will be fantastic for you!