Functional training can be very simply defined as:


Any training modality that serves the purpose for which is it was intended.


The Health Adventure Functional Strength Training definition is:


Strength training aimed at improving functional capacity – that is; the ability to perform daily physical tasks, occupational or sports specific tasks, simple and/or complex motor activities with ease, efficiency, strength and control. Typically, a functional training program will demonstrate a well balanced comprehensive approach to conditioning or rehabilitation that addresses all the performance components necessary to achieve success in any target activity.


Such training is commonly, multi-joint, multi-plane, multi-tempo exercises with moderate to high neurological demand, requiring coordinated dynamic peripheral control and core stability. Training often mimics common movement patterns or sporting activities, often using body weight and/or external loads as resistance whilst respecting the kinetic link principle.


Training may occasionally be performed on unstable or imbalanced environments thereby stimulating righting and balance reactions and developing proprioceptive awareness.


Be inspired by our functional exercise video performed by FTI clients from 6 to 90 years old!

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