Personal Training Client: Delphine Siv

Age: 29

Occupation: Investment Manager

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Common wisdom wants that every girl’s dream is to find the perfect man, but truth is every girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat. As much as frogs don’t turn into princes with a kiss of true love, desserts unfortunately won't turn into muscles by staying on the couch. Such is life: being fit requires effort and dedication. Like they say, “suck it up, so that one day, you won’t have to suck it in”.


Sports have always played an important part of my youth and adult life. Not only because there is no better feeling in life than feeling fit and healthy, but mostly because sports help me manage the stress of work, increase my focus by having a sharper mind, and contribute to an overall balance in my life.
Before joining FTI, I was what my friends called “hardcore”: Muay Thai, BJJ, Running, Yoga, Strength & Conditioning classes…all totaling to about 10 to 15 hours of workout per week. If I wanted to do it, my body could do it. No injury, no sickness, no rain, could deter me from getting my workout, every single day. Until one day. My body said “Stop” and it materialized under the form a back injury. My doctor asked me to stop cold turkey all the workouts, for fear of deteriorating my back condition. In his view, martial arts and running were activities I could no longer practice ever again. So from working out at least twice a day, I had to go to none.  How could it be possible? I could not see it happen. Tokyo Marathon was months away and I had to run it, no matter what.


Then came along FTI. As much as I was very anxious about getting my injury sorted out, I certainly would not let anyone deal with it, unless I could have the utmost trust in the person’s capabilities.  And there could not have been a better person than Mattew.


Not only did he help me improve my back condition with specific exercises on the form, but more importantly, he also helped me get back on track on my journey towards fitness. It started with two sessions per week with him, and next thing I knew, a few months later, it ended up by being self-training twice a day on weekdays, and extra long sessions of 4h+ on the week-ends, based on the meticulously prepared routine write-ups and videos taken by Mattew. Some may see overtraining again, but it’s not: I am never afraid of being injured when I train with the functional routines Mattew gives me. I know they are designed specifically to my needs and back condition. And this is one of the biggest strengths of Mattew: he prepares and tailors the workout to one’s objectives and condition. He knows exactly why and why not, what is good, better and best for you. He will be very attentive to the form and provide you with feedback as you perform the exercises. He will also give you kind words of encouragement as you struggle to lift the 40lb sandbell for the 15th time because…slacking is not allowed. You can whine, shout, beg and plead all you want, you are going to have to complete the exercise.  At some point, some will consider renaming “PT” as “Personal Torture” during the drill, but it’s all soon overcome by the little pride you will take in having performed what you thought you could not. Mattew pushes you to reach far beyond the limits you set to yourself.  And when you think you’ve reached, he will always find ways to challenge you again. He calls it “progression”, as in “progression towards a better and stronger you”.


Having Mattew as a trainer has been a true blessing. One can tell he truly loves his job and cares about his clients. He will constantly endeavor to improve his knowledge so that he can help them more. And his routines have clearly been proving my doctor wrong over the past few months. The hours of training started to pay back quite rapidly: after 2+ months of training with Mattew’s routines, I was able to run Tokyo Marathon in an honourable time of 4h 25mins, with no prior running preparation. I was also able to resume my Muay Thai training shortly after. Icing on the cake (for any lady!), the diet programme that Mattew had me follow has helped lose 6 kg so far.


In spite of the efforts required sometimes, I have really been enjoying every step of my training. It is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it.  Not only have I become better, faster, stronger, but priceless to me, is to have regained confidence in my capabilities post-injury.  And for that, I can never thank Mattew enough.


It also makes a tremendous difference to train in a very welcoming, homely and yet professional environment: Karen, Nelson and all the trainers and staff of FTI really deserve to be praised for making this gym so unique. 

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