Name: Dr Ubbo von Oehsen

Age: 66

Occupation: Chemist and Business Owner

Trainer: Nelson Chong


After an accident in 2010 when I fell in a slippery bathtub, I was sometimes suffering from pain in the right shoulder.


Another small accident happened in 2014 when I twisted my knee during a fall on slippery wet concrete.


My knee was often painful, in particular during driving. Both accidents led to some discomfort, and I was not too optimistic that I would ever get rid of the pain.


In Quarter IV/2014 I commenced training at FTI after my wife told me how professional the trainers in this institution are and after I had attended a workshop about release techniques by using FTI’s training balls. Nelson has shown me some exercises which helped me to release my muscles with the use of myofascial release techniques and to strengthen the muscles by both, simple exercises without machines and sophisticated exercises on special machines of FTI’s gym.


In the beginning I had trained under Nelson’s supervision twice a week, then I subsequently reduced the frequency to once a week and finally to once in a fortnight. After about 4 months of functional training my pain in the shoulder and in the knee disappeared and did not come back.


I regard Nelson as a very talented and dedicated trainer, and I highly respect that he always does his utmost to help his clients. My wife and I have already recommended Nelson and his wife Karen to friends who suffer from various types of pain.





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