Dual Zone Myofascial Release

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Optimal Movement, Optimal Life

Finally, the highly anticipated workshop that can empower anyone to become a Rehab Hero addressing all kinds of chronic musculoskeletal pain is here. Look no further if you or your loved ones are experiencing daily aches & pain issues such migraine, headache, stiff neck, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, chest pain, tingling arm, tingling fingers, elbow pain, loss of grip strength, back pain, sciatica impingement, slipped disc, bulging disc, herniated disc, SI joint pain, scoliosis, hip pain, thigh pain, knee pain, ITB syndrome, ankle pain, shin pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, calf pain & numbness in toes, etc.

Reduce Body Pain with Optimal Efficiency

Discover the revolutionary way of releasing myofascial with tools and methodologies invented by Nelson Chong, Founder of Functional Training Institute


Course Description 

Stop chasing pain, be a Rehab Hero, save yourself and loved ones! Dual Zone Myofascial Release™ (DZMR) methodology was developed with a clear intention of empowering more individuals to live pain-free actively. This 9 hour comprehensive workshop covers Postural and Movement Dysfunction Screening (PMDS), Myofascial Trigger Point Release (MTPR) and Integrated Corrective Exercise (ICE) to relieve musculoskeletal pain, restore function and improve performance.


Participants will learn evidence based practical knowledge using a Systematic 4R Approach, “Review + Release + Retrain = Results” to improve biomechanics at the upper limb, lower limb and spine. Methodologies to release both the superficial and deep tissues in a tri-planar manner will be taught using the innovative Dual Zone Therapy Balls both horizontally and vertically (floor/wall), targeting single zone and dual zone to restore tissues elasticity in double quick time at the most precision engineered body positions that is comfortable even for clients with multiple pains.



Course Objectives 

The key to live pain-free actively is the unique Systematic 4R Approach, “Review + Release + Retrain = Results”. It keeps you safe from making mistakes with injured areas, and yet gives you powerful tools to make a difference!


  1.  REVIEW

Through Postural & Movement Dysfunction Screening (PMDS), learn why muscle imbalances that are inflicting pain at the lower limb (ankle, knee, hip), spine (lumbar, thoracic, cervical) and upper limb (shoulder, elbow wrist).



Learn to restore muscle and fascia tissues elasticity to improve mobility at the upper limb, lower limb and spine using smart Dual Zone Myofascial ReleaseTM (DZMR) methodology with the highly versatile Dual Zone Therapy Balls that is fast, effective and safe for even clients with multiple chronic pains as it targets both superficial and deep tissues, on any surface against the floor or wall, single zone or dual zone (at two different muscles), covering all three planes (anterior, lateral, posterior), in precision engineered body positions.



Apply immediately simple and powerful closed chain integrated corrective exercises using elastic band to activate the weak and inhibited muscular structure to support the confused skeletal structure at the upper limb, lower limb and spine for a more robust body with pain-free movement.




Course Outline 


What is Myofascial Release?

 Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This technique aims to restore the natural suppleness and elasticity of the fascia and muscles, allowing the body to be restored to its natural state. By releasing the tension and knots in these bio-tissues, pain caused by misalignment of the body can be reduced. More and more physiotherapists are recognising and accepting myofascial release as a solution to correct bodily dysfunction. However, many of the equipment designed for this purpose are unsafe to use without the supervision of a professional.



Why Dual Zone Myofascial Release?

Here at Functional Training Institute where safety and efficiency are prioritized, Dual Zone Myofascial Release and DZMR Therapy balls are created. With the combination of methodologies and DZMR Therapy Balls invented by Nelson Chong, founder of Functional Training Institute, participants can now do self-releasing and activation of muscles in the comforts of their own homes safely.


Dual Zone Myofascial Release allow participants to experience a comfortable and non - stressful release in 2 different parts of the body simultaneously. Through the use of a pair of uniquely designed Therapy Balls, this method of releasing myofascia is suitable for people with injuries, limited mobility and all ages. Dual Zone Myofascial Release Workshop teaches the importance of precision trigger point release to achieve maximum results in minimal time, restoring body functions.  It is a safer, quicker and efficient way of correcting body movement dysfunction as well as reducing bodily pain. From the neck to the base of the feet, participants will gain valuable practical knowledge in relieving pain effectively for the entire body.


Many have learned and experience the positive changes in their bodies continue to apply DZMR into their lifestyle. A good number of doctors who have come to experience the effectiveness these methodologies are currently loyal advocators of DZMR.

Who is Nelson Chong?


Nelson Chong

Functional Training and Rehab Specialist

CEO & Founder, Functional Training Institute Singapore


An inventor of the Dual Zone Therapy Balls and creator of Dual Zone Myofascial Release™ (DZMR) methodologies that empower others to live pain-free actively, Nelson Chong is an educator and specialist in rehabilitation and functional training with 17 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  He has been a highly sought after trainer by CEOs, doctors, families, athletes and professionals from 6 to 92 years old with chronic or acute pain, performance issues, movement dysfunction and postural disorder.


Formerly a district fitness manager of a mega gym managing multiple clubs, Nelson has mentored hundreds of trainers and some has become fitness managers or gym owners today with his unique approach to mind, body and spirit. He is currently the founder and CEO of Functional Training Institute, mentoring aspiring trainers to become world class rehabilitation and functional training specialists.


Nelson is a selfless, passionate, dynamic and innovative educator that has a great sense of humour. He frequently present about rehabilitation and functional training at China, India, Malaysia, Italy, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia & Singapore. He has also been featured in various media including The Straits Times, Zao Bao, Wan Bao, Ch 8 Good Morning Singapore and FM radio 938 Live. His dedication to functional training and rehabilitation has set a benchmark in the fitness industry to help more people live with zest pain-free.


Nelson believes that “functional training is the movement solution for any bodily dysfunction”. He is also the creator of Functional Fitness Feat (FFF), 10 Minutes Swiss Ball Metabolic Fat Blaster, Medicine Ball Metabolic Training, Dumbbell Metabolic Training, Functional Fusion Fitness, Secrets of an X-Factor Trainer, a certified Rehab Express presenter and Freemotion Master Coach for Rip60, Rapidfit, Liveaxis & Genesis.

Find Out Why Doctors are passionate about Dual Zone Myofascial Release

DATE: 4TH JUL 2021 (SUN)

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