Dynamax Medicine Ball


Power your way to a healthier body!


The humble medicine ball is said to have existed in Greece as far back in history as 400 BC! Like the crocodile that is the only animal today to have survived since the age of the dinosaurs because of its incredibly efficient biological design, the medicine ball still exists today because of its unique training advantages.


Training speed and power is not easy for most people as one wrong move or short lapse in concentration can cause injury. The medicine ball allows one to train speed and power in a much safer manner than other tools like the kettle bell. After all, no one wants to risk get injured in their quest for better strength and fitness. That would be a major set back!


Training for increased strength alone is not sufficient for sports or even activities in daily living (ADL). In sports, we run, sprint, jump and throw, all of which requires strength and speed (power). Lifting weights in proper form in a disciplined seated or standing stationary definitely does not build power nor prepare the body for ballistic movements that are ever present in sports. In daily life, we sometimes fling or throw things around, mothers and fathers often pick up their children and playfully swing them around. If people are just doing slow controlled movements while working out, they are not preparing their body enough for everyday functional movements.


The Dynamax medicine ball is the first in the market designed with enough padding to be used safely with movements involving high speed. They are very popular among athletes and are increasingly being used in fitness facilities all over the USA. If all you have been using in the gym are dumbells and barbells and God forbid… fixed plane machines (which severely restrict the movement of your body while training), it is about time you add ballistic Dynamax medicine ball training to your routines.

Using Dynamax medicine balls, one can perform dozens of exercises that can help improve:


  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Stamina

  • Strength, Flexibility, Speed and Power

  • Accuracy, Agility, Coordination and Balance



No other medicine ball out there compare to Dyamax in terms of efficacy and durability. So what are you waiting for? Grab a Dynamax medicine ball and start powering your way to a functionally more efficient and dynamic body today!