Fast-track injury rehab for clients with
heel, toes, ankle, shin, calf, knee, thigh & groin pain


Sunday | 13th October 2019 | 8am –12.30pm
Functional Training Institute
222 Queen Street, #03-01/02, Singapore 188550
Fees: $267.50 including theraband & neck massager worth $42.80


Are you or your clients experiencing pain during daily movements such as walking, climbing up or going down the stairs and having difficulty getting up from the floor? How about nagging or sharp pain at the heel, toes, ankle, shin, knee or groin during exercise such as lunging, squatting, running, cycling, jumping or playing sports? What about limping with heel pain or plantar fasciitis every morning upon waking and repeated ankle sprains that never seems to go away?

Lower limb injury is challenging to treat without first finding the root cause of the problems which usually presents themselves as abnormal foot arches, weakness & tightness in the overall hip complex causing the knee joint to suffer in silence. Surprisingly to most patients, all these chronic pains could be treated effectively & safely using the unique DZMR 4R Methodology without drugs.

Now you can learn these secrets, and how to customise them for the social or professional athlete, fitness enthusiasts or the super fit, at our new course: DZMR Level 2 – Lower Limb. Our Dual Zone Myofascial Release 4R Methodology creator & international educator, founder of Functional Training Institute Singapore, Nelson Chong brings together all his 20 years of experience with injured clients, his own research, passion and results driven solutions to this highly anticipated 4.5 hours workshop.


What you will get:

  • 4.5 hours face to face practical learning as part of a small and carefully selected group (max 15 invited) with Nelson Chong including pdf notes.

  • Illustrative digital notes embedded with demo videos of postural & movement dysfunction screening, trigger point release & variety of corrective exercise.

  • "Theraband" and "Neck Massager” equipment from FTI Singapore.

Topics and skills covered:

  • REVIEW on postural & movement dysfunction screening: How do you know what muscles or fascia are restricting movement or giving pain to our clients?

  • RELEASE fascia & muscles tension in our body to restore tissue elasticity for better joint mobility. Learn the latest in DZMR 4R Methodology combining both therapy balls, neck massager, vibrating roller to reach the trickiest trigger point areas such as adductor hallucis, tibialis anterior & posterior, peroneus longus, brevis & tertius, soleus, gastrocnemius, extensor digitorum longus, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors and more for prehab & rehab.

  • RETRAIN weak inhibited muscles that integrates stability with mobility from foot to core to achieve a more robust and efficient body using theraband & therapy balls.

  • RESULTS that are long lasting through understanding and changing daily bad habits from postural disorders to exercise movement faults.

  • Understanding optimum function of the ankle mobility and the critical role for pain free movement.

  • The importance of hip joint centration, foot to core sequencing: assessment and mobility techniques to improve it.

  • Heel pain, toes pain, ankle pain, shin pain, calf pain, lower, knee pain, thigh pain, groin pain & hip pain -  all you need to know on this exciting field and how to fix it.

  • Extensive case studies, and much more...

This exclusive workshop will revolutionise how you manage clients if you are a:

1. Sport coach/trainer working with athletes
2. CrossFit coach/practitioner experiencing weakness or pain
3. Personal trainer seeking more gain and power without injury
4. Yoga teacher with members facing challenges in their poses  
5. Pilates instructor helping clients to achieve better posture & mobility
6. Fitness enthusiasts who want to live pain-free actively

Interested parties must complete DZMR Level 1 full day workshop previously to be eligible for DZMR L2 – Lower Limb.

To register, please email your details as below or call 63360422 :

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Upon confirmation of registration, you can make payment


1. Cash/NETS at Functional Training Institute reception.

2. Via bank transfer or cheque deposit to Functional Training Institute Pte Ltd, DBS Current Account 033 902 6417.

3. Email confirmation will be sent upon payment received.

4. Official receipt will be emailed after course.

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