Personal Training Client: Esther Lim

Age: 55 years old

Occupation: Homemaker
Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis due to aging of the joints at the buttock area for years and the specialist simply gave me Glucosamine, pain killer and inflammatory plaster. All these didn’t help me at all. I was suffering for more than 10years, not being able to stand, sit or walk properly.

5 years ago, my left knee started to cause pain due to degeneration of tissues and lack of muscles, I was not able to climb the stairs nor walk up slopes. And again, I was prescribed with painkillers.

Last year, I was diagnosed with muscle wastage on my right thigh and I noticed my right leg had shrunk significantly.

Tried walking and exercising but it did not work properly for me as I was not doing it correctly. The agony of suffering all these years had affected my day-to-day activities and sleep.

It was until my son Bryan, who was also Samuel’s client, encouraged me to see Sam. I never knew what PDTR (Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex) was until I met Sam. I was impressed by how in-depth he prepared for the session and the detail to which he provided his explanations. 

At first, I was not sure how PDTR would be able to help me as I did not feel anything (good thing the treatment was totally pain-free as well) during the therapy process. It was unlike myofascial release or regular rehab exercises; he held my left hand to do checks while he would brush or tap different parts of my body to address the issues he assessed.


However, when he asked me to do the same exercises before and after, I could feel a significant difference in how I moved, either there was less pain or greater range of motion! Samuel also took the time to explain how PDTR works to assure me. I appreciate how he was respectful during the process as he asked for consent each time he has to make skin contact and checks in frequently for any discomfort before and during the treatment process.

Samuel helped me to address these long-standing pains as well as treated any other issues that he detected along the way (e.g. tight and “clicking” hips, stiffness of the back, and rounded shoulders). He did this in a holistic way where he also advised me on my diet and exercise regime, giving helpful information and tips on how to improve in these areas. Samuel is patient and encouraging throughout the healing process; the time he spends with you and the effort in which he makes to help makes such a positive difference. 

On the 1st session , I was pleased that Sam made me feel comfortable, which was important as he made me feel at ease to make an introduction about myself , medical issues, history of accidents, personal habits, body stress level.  I knew it was important for him to understand my problem before he starts to therapy on me.

I looked forward to each sessions of my therapy with Sam as my body started to feel so “lubricated” and so agile which I never felt in years.

I am feeling so wonderful that I am now able to climb the stairs, pick up things from the floor and do half squats from the chair, my body had gained strength from the therapy as well as the exercises that Sam emphasize that I must do diligently at home.

Samuel had also advised me regarding my diet plan. Processed food is a big “No No” for Samuel and I have learned a lot from him.


During the sessions, Sam would ask me if I had any accidents or injuries during my younger days, things that most of us at this age would have forgotten. He helped me to recall some of the accidents I had when I was younger and explained that that these injuries actually contribute to the pain which I was enduring those years. Through PDTR, Sam was able to repair those injuries which doctors wrote off to be part and parcel of degeneration of tissues due to old age.

It’s been about 3 month since I began working with Samuel and I’m thrilled with how much my body has improved. I am now more conscious of how my daily habits can affect how my body feels. I’d definitely recommend PDTR and Samuel as I’ve personally experienced its benefits. PDTR itself is painless and it helps you learn more about your own body, in ways that you may not have experienced before. This can help in the early detection of any other ailments and prevent further strain/ injury, especially if you have certain routines or habits.


Thank you Samuel!