Personal Training Client: Francis R Ng

Age: 42

Personal Trainer: Ralph


My fitness goal started simply to improve my overall health condition. I was overweight with high cholesterol in the blood and mild high blood pressure. As I progressed with my training, my confidence grew and I am now aiming for 6-pack abs! I tried jogging and dieting without much success. The lack of discipline is the main issue.


Ralph is very dedicated and committed. He makes up for my lack of discipline with gentle reminders, prodding to attend training sessions and to be careful with my diet. He plans my trainings and he is always providing variations to my training to make my training sessions interesting. I never really know what to expect until training starts and that is what keeps me coming back!


During training, he maintains laser focus on how I execute each move and always ready to correct when I get it wrong. This gives me a whole lot of confidence that I am in good hands. Gentle as he may be, he will always push and encourage me so that I can break the mental barrier but still within safety zones. As much as he focus on the actual training, he will always ensure that there is proper warming up at the start of the session and cooling down after the training. What more can you ask for, from a trainer like Ralph?


The main thing about functional training that I really like is the efficiency and effectiveness of the training. It's not necessary about how much weights you carry or how long and how fast you run... You can still achieve your fitness goals properly with better joint mobility and stability as well as more efficient motor patterns.


From my observation, the trainers dedication to the cause of functional training is great! It comes across in the way they engage the trainees... always focus and always making sure training is executed properly. When trainees highlight any areas of discomfort, attention will be diverted to how they can be managed. In other words, the genuine care and concern for their trainees makes all the difference in FTI.


From where I was before I started any training, I have now lost 7kg and 10% body fat. Recent medical checkup shows an improvement in my cholesterol level in the blood and my blood pressure has now normalize. What appears as a single lump of abs muscles is also slowly transforming into more definition. Not quite there yet for 6-pack abs but I will definitely work towards getting there!



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