Functional Training Course Penang

1st - 3rd October 2016


Saturday  2pm - 6pm

Sunday     9am - 6pm

Monday     9am - 6pm


Functional Training Course is a comprehensive course that allows you to learn how to identify each client's physical capabilities, attend to any movement dysfunction and customize a program that would efficiently achieve each client's fitness goal.


Consisting of 3 seperate workshops, this course enables you to learn how to deal with mobility dysfunction, physical pain caused by sports injuries, bad posture and misalignment of the body.


Experience the profound combination of fitness and rehabilitation. Learn functional training techniques that can be tailored to people of every fitness levels.


Embrace the values of being a Functional Trainer:


The Ability to diagnose physical capabilities and address to movement dysfunctions.

The Adaptabilty to train each body part functionally and efficiently.

The Apprehension of the unity of movement, motions and momentum.

rogram will transform your perception of what defines a personal trainer.

Equipment provide for this course:


1. One unit of Swiss Ball ( please notify your size needed “55 cm or 65cm or 75cm ”)
2. One pair of Dumbbells
3. One set of Therapy Balls

** Breakfast Tea / Lunch Break / Tea Break is provided

Day 1 : 1st October 2016, Saturday 

Time : 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Activity : Dumbbell Metabolic Training (DBMT) Certification (4 hours )
Tea Break : 4.00 pm


Dumbbell Metabolic Training cover topics from Rehab to Athlete training. This workshop focuses on full body integration while challenging all fitness components simultaneously such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, explosive power, flexibility, agility, psychomotor skills, core, stability, balance, mobility, proprioception, body alignment and fun.


It has helped many clients restore their body alignment through integrated unilateral functional patterns that optimized their grip strength and overall performance. Experience a dumbbell training like no other you have ever seen!


Day 2 : 2nd October 2016, Sunday

Time : 9.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Activity : Dual Zone Myofascial Release (DZMR) Certification (8 hours)
Breakfast Tea : 10.00am
Lunch Time : 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Tea Break : 4.00pm


Learn Corrective Exercise for Upper Limb (Neck, Shoulder, Elbow), Lower Limb (Hip, Knee, Ankle) & Spine (Upper & Lower Back) and idenfity movement dysfunctions. This workshop focuses on the complexity of myofascia, how the trigger points work, accurately identify the main cause for movement dysfunction and corrective exercises to activate each muscle groups.


Experience the freedom of movement and banish physical pain once and for all.

Day 3 : 3rd October 2016, Monday

Time : 9.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Activity : Swissball Metabolic Training (SBMT) Certification (8hours)
Breakfast Tea : 10.00 am
Lunch Time : 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Tea Break : 4.00 pm


Swiss Ball Metabolic Training Certification covering topics from Rehab to Athlete training. This course is suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, sports coaches, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are seeking fun and effective ways to rehabilitate from an injury, improve cognitive skills and most importantly achieve a more robust and efficient body. Improve daily function and sports performance with the humble Swiss Ball and experience what it's like to be bulletproof against any musculoskeletal injury.


Before 01 Sept 2016 Early Bird Fee

RM3,200.00 exclude GST 6%

02 Sept 2016 to 22 Sept 2016 Post-Early Bird
RM3,500.00 exclude GST 6%

Closing Date: 23 Sept 2016

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