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Dear Valued Clients,

🔁 For things to change, we must first change. 

📢 Here is FTI launching a brand new program from Mon 10th May right at our facilities after hearing your feedback.


👩🏻‍⚕️ Functional Health Screening - Total Body Reset

🤩  Be surprised, excited, pampered & rejuvenated with our latest options of targeted assessment, treatment & training modalities geared towards a better you using our unique R'4 Methodology.


3D Postural Screening capturing foot arches to neck alignment that helps you look tall & sharp with vitality again.

Movement Dysfunction Screening from head to toes including walking & running gait to restore your youthful functioning body again.

Ergonomic Screening to empower you working from home or office pain-free.

Hydration Habits to boost immunity, normalise blood pressure, reduce inflammation,  sharper mind, supple body & healthier joints. 

Precision Nutrition planning to fuel your body for quick recovery & accelerated results.

Sleeping Tips from pillow to positions that improves sleep quality, waking up feeling more refreshed.

Diaphragmatic Breathing to improve lymphatic detoxification, pain relief at the neck & shoulder.

Footwear Selection & lacing techniques that provide stability & support to prevent unnecessary pain & discomfort. 



Full Body Self Release for better joint mobility, tissue elasticity & pain elimination using precise tools & modalities such as therapy balls, vibrating roller, massage gun & neck massager. 

Full Body Assisted Release to address musculoskeletal & neuro issues using gua sha blade, cupping, compression floss band, biofrequency disc, dry needling, PDTR & soft tissues manipulation by our experienced specialists. 

Ankle Joint Mobilisation to improve gait & squatting depth using Powerplate & Bands.

Hip Joint Distraction for better mobility to address groin strain, hip pain, SI joint pain & back pain using bands. 



Barefoot Training to restore your foot arch, improve your stability & gait to address bunions, heel pain, knee pain, hip pain & back pain using special Naboso Mat.

Deep Fascia Stretching to achieve optimum joint mobility & tissue elasticity using the innovative Mobility Sticks.

Fascia Slings Activation to integrate & realign our body skeletal system for pain-free movement using the coolest 3D Strap.

Spinal Corrective Exercise to alleviate back problems using ingenious solutions such as Swiss Ball, Tidal Tank, BOSU & Core Bar.

Integrative Upper Limb solutions to address shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain & wrist pain using Tidal Tank, Crosscore, Swiss Ball, Cables, Bands, Slider & Bodyblade.

Kinetic Link Training to achieve a mobile, robust, efficient & fully functional body using all kinds of functional equipment to unleash your hidden potential.



Body Composition measurements to track your weekly transformation. 

✅ Photos & Videos Log of ongoing postural & movement improvement. 

✅ Weekly Activities Log that steers towards your short & long term goals.

☎️ Kindly contact your trainer to embark this exciting transformational journey right away. 


🙇🏻‍♂️ Thank you for your generous support & fueling our passion to live pain-free actively.