Functional Training For Postural Correction (Teens)

Together with the technology growth, modern world people are suffering  the most from postural dysfunctions silently. Our valuable teens are not the exception for that threat.


Teens love to play, train and enjoy sports. Unfortunately, when they try to load and train hard with poor posture, they are like inviting unwanted nightmares in their lives called injuries.

FTI can empower them to have proper posture in their daily lives and sport to make sure that their body have the best chance to grow taller and to their fullest potential by using our unique R`4 Methodology.

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Functional Training For Body Transformation (Adults)

Does body transformation mean muscle building and fat loss only?


With FTI’s unique R`4 system, we can give you more than that! Forget about no pain no gain because we believe everyone should be achieving their fitness goals with no pain and good gains.


Before the real training starts, we will screen you thoroughly and restore your body’s natural alignment. We want to prepare your body to be in the best condition to train hard, progress faster, injury free and see awesome results. Body transformation don’t just happen in the gym. Hence, we will guide you to live a holistic healthy lifestyle while enjoying your hard earn results from this program too.

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Functional Training For Anti-Aging (Elderly)

As we get older, our hormone levels, bone mass, agility, balance, psycho-motor skills, strength, cardio capacity and flexibility all drop depending on our lifestyle and diet, making us more vulnerable to certain movement, accidental fall or exercises.


The good news is you can deter these unfavorable conditions by proper functional training. You can be functionally much stronger compare to your younger days.


Be inspired at FTI and witness how our 50+, 60+ and 70+ are training functionally that might put the younger people to shame using our unique R`4 methodology.


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Functional Training For Sports Performance (Athletes, Golfers, Etc)

There is a myth that athletes are healthier than normal people. In fact, athletes are the one who tend to get injuries the most due to the repetitive movement nature of their sport causing unbalanced training to one side, overuse of certain muscles without full recovery, or training too hard without optimal alignment of the body.

FTI is the place where world class and local athletes come for injury prevention and sport performance. Our unique R`4 methodology make sure athletes can train hard to their fullest potential without injuries both on and off season resulting their ranks rocketing like never before.

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Functional Training For Special Population (Pre & Post Natal, Chronic Pain)

Pre and post natal is one of the biggest turns in woman life. The sudden hormonal change, weight gain, mood swing, discomforts and other health related issues like gestational diabetes are very challenging for an expectant mother to handle alone.


FTI is giving its hands to the young and middle aged expecting mothers to live pain free throughout all the trimesters by using its unique R`4 methodology. It will be unwise to focus caring only on the baby and ignore post natal care for the mother because she is the main source of nutrients for the baby to grow.

By using R`4 methodology, FTI plays its best part for pre and post natal care into transform good mothers into best mothers by educating moms how to take care of themselves because mother's health are directly reflecting on babies. FTI believes that everyone deserves to live pain free actively.


For the past 11 years, we observed more people ,active or sedentary,are in chronic pain without knowing what to do next. They may look strong and muscular but cannot fully functioned as their chronic pain is always setting them back from reaching to their next fitness goals or zest for life.

We have already helped thousands of people from different chronic pains by using our unique R`4 methodology and empowered them to live pain free actively again.

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