Fundamental of Active Rolling™
Self Myofascial Release (SMR) & Osteofascial Release (OSR)

Date:Sat 29 Jun

Time:1.30pm to 5.30pm
Fees: $214.00

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What is this workshop about?


The TRATAC 4-hour Fundamentals workshop is designed to engage students the necessary information, equip them with innovative tools, and empower them with practical application to effectively perform Active Rolling™ on the major areas of the body.

The workshop will review the science behind vibration and foam rolling as well as many neurophysiological principles essential to Active Rolling™.

The student will gain a thorough understanding of the 4P process for Active Rolling™ and how to effectively perform numerous releases using the TRATAC Active Rollers.

In addition to the traditional application of Self Myofascial Release (SMR), students will also experience Osteofascial Release (OFR) on the more osseous (boney) and fascial network regions of the body such as the anterior ankle, lateral knee, pubis and sacrum.


Musculoskeletal dysfunctions are one of the most common causes of physical, mental, and socio-economic pain today. It is estimated that at any given moment one in four adults is experiencing some type of musculoskeletal condition.

When these musculoskeletal conditions are not addressed properly, research has shown that they can play a major role in long-term pain and disability. This affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide regardless of gender, age, or socio-demographic status.

This global public-health problem requires that we develop and implement innovative methods, tools, and education to help combat the detrimental effects that plague our society.

TRATAC has combined vibration technology with foam rolling to create Active Rolling™ that provides a unique and empowering experience to help everyone move, feel, and live better.


– Introduce and define Active Rolling™
– Review the scientific rationale for foam rolling and vibration
– Discuss the principles and concepts, strategies, and techniques
– Review the Active Rolling™ 4P process
– Demonstrate the Active Rolling™ releases

Workshop Coach


Karen Goh


Managing Director of Functional Training Institute

Master Rehabilitation & Functional Training Specialist

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Functional Training Institute 

222 Queen Street #03-01/02

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