Personal Training Client: Dr Gavin Tang

Occupation: Doctor

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Ever since I started gym 9 years ago, I have always engaged a personal trainer and they were senior PTs at California Fitness who were all ex-bodybuilders. The program they put me through gave me good muscle mass but I always felt ‘pudgy’. When my last trainer left California Fitness in 2009, I was in a dilemma. I wanted to stay on at, but most of the senior trainers had left. My trainer recommended Mattew.
I was agreeable, but hesitant, as Mattew happens to be the coach of my dragon boat team as well. I have gone through the gym workouts he designed for the team which were the most punishing of all back and shoulder circuits. My ex-trainer and I swore by them as my back became very defined, much to the amazement of the other trainers at California Fitness but I certainly wasn’t looking forward to MORE of it!! Still I signed up with Mattew and that was the beginning of an enduring, challenging but enjoyable journey. I have been under Mattew for 5 months now, and we have achieved the targets set out so far:
1) Leaner, defined muscle shape and the essential 8 packs abdomen:
Mattew loves to "torture" me with Supersets incorporating sprints, rope climbs and balancing on Swiss balls. At first, I thought, gosh, its back to school PE, but let me tell you, they are TOUGH exercises. I never fail to feel short of breath during these exercises. He is super strict with cardio "Homework", which most trainers ignore; utilizing ergo and treadmill with set timings to meet before and after PT. Inescapable...
To my amazement, we achieved the lean cut by Dec 2009. I was in Taipei California fitness and my much-improved cutting impressed my trainers there who haven't seen me for a year!


2) IPPT Gold:
I have been missing out on IPPT gold for the last 5 years. This year, I told Mattew I wanted to aim for gold. Because of him and his systematic training for the 2.4 km, I achieved my best timing for 2.4 km of 10.10min in years and at 36 yrs old! The PTIs were praising me at the chin up and sit up stations...
3) Improved fitness for dragon boat competitions:
With Mattew’s dragon-boat background, it was natural that he would know what to do best. It was never overkill and he focused more on leg exercises, core strengthening and stretching exercises to bring balance to my routine. I have trained under various personal trainers; here and in Hong Kong, Taipei but I believe Mattew is still the best. He goes way beyond the call of duty, never cancels on you, and is sincere. He has a definite logic and rationale behind every exercise and is able to improvise on the spot if a machine is unavailable. His training is methodical, yet varied and fun. Because I know it works and he knows what he is doing, I allow myself to be pushed by him (which I don't always allow from other trainers!)
I have total faith in him and I leave entirely to him to decide my program and motivate me to achieve it. Whenever anyone compliments me on my physique, I always reply "Credit my trainer, not me"! It is an honour and a great experience to have Mattew as an essential part of my life!
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