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Personal Training Client: Geraldine
Personal Trainer: Justin Chong

Stepping into the gym was never my preferred exercise destination. To me, it was simply boring, too static and just not fun - 30mins in the gym always felt like forever!

But thanks to FTI and Justin, that changed instantly!

I was living with back pains and posture issues for over two years and various remedies did not work, until my recommendation to FTI. 

Justin helped me address all my issues and taught me exercises that I could use for life. 

Justin’s dedication to his work shone through his meticulous  thought process and constant research on what I really needed to get better and stronger. I especially appreciated his detailed explanations, demonstrations and prompt sharing of videos after each session.

Our hourly sessions were filled with variations  of strength training exercises that were challenging but so fun and left me looking forward to every session - I never thought I could sweat so much just doing static exercises!

I am so glad I took this first step and will surely continue to embrace the FTI philosophy. 

Thank you so much Justin and FTI!