Personal Training Client: Gog Soon Joo

Age: 51

Occupation: Social Scientist & Activist

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh Mattew Chan


Due to excessive sports activities and incorrect posture during my earlier years, my L4-L5 lumbar is suffering from pre-matured degeneration. This led to lower back pain and inflexibility around the hip. Obviously, it affected my daily life and restricted my normal range of functional activities. I have tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, and TCM acupuncture but only obtained short-term brief relief, the lower back pain persisted. Through recommendation from Vivian, I began training at FTI since 2010.


FTI has developed a unique approach in helping its clients regain functional flexibility. The fitness relationship begins with a screening and testing of mobility, flexibility and stability prior to intervention plan. The most valuable part of the fitness regime is the philosophy of FTI to develop its clients to have the capacity to self-help. Through the process of interaction with the FTI specialists, clients gain knowledge of anatomy and are able to fix pain through trigger points relief and muscle activation. The constant search for better methods to help its clients is the competitive advantage of FTI.

My lower back pain is contained since my training with FTI. After close to five years of training with FTI, I have better knowledge of my body. I had since move on from merely managing pain to improving my fitness level. Over the last 12 months, I have managed to improve my muscle mass, reduce fat mass, reduce level of visceral fat and enhance metabolic rate. I feel healthier than ten years ago.


The Rehabilitation and Functional Training Specialists whom I have the privilege to train with include Nelson (the Jedi master), Karen, and Ralph have been wonderful. Their professional knowledge and caring for their clients make a whole lot of different. Ralph has an eye for the small details from posture to muscle activation has no doubt accelerated my achievement to a new level of fitness. His recommendation on the complementary approach on diet management is excellent.


FTI approach of fitness training is most suited for the independent minded individuals who are keen learners to gain self-mastery in fitness and health management.


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