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Personal Training Client: Grace Lizhen

Personal Trainer: Jack Nay Ko

“Are you ok? You look very pale”

Is the question I get very frequently before I join FTI. Being a thoracic scoliosis patient, it is really a blessing when I can breathe with a normal heart rate throughout the whole day. And this is really what I am experiencing for almost a year (breath normally without the feeling of shortness of breath).

I have seen different doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other specialists from different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia since I was young. My parents also sent me to a very famous specialist (a qualified doctor using TCM method) and his queue always started at 6am tho they only open at 8am.


I still remember I needed to wake up at 5am every Saturday morning for more than 1 year and of course, as a child, I get angry almost every Saturday morning or even on Friday night. It was very stressful for me, and now when writing this review, I realised it was even more stressful for my parents (at least I can still sleep in the car but not the driver- my dad).

I was on rigid braces for about 21 hours a day for almost 6 years. To be honest, having a childhood with braces and doctor review every half to a year, I would say I had given up hope on fixing my spine, as whatever I tried, or being forced to try, when I was young, does not make anything better. The advice I get from the doctors is, surgery.

I still remember how I threatened my parents for NOT sending me for ANY THERAPY after that particular doctor’s review. Yes, I stopped every interventions I used to go on weekly basis at the age of 16. I refused to do the operation, as I do not feel I am any lesser than my peers. Besides from the fact that I am constantly having back pain, frequent feeling of tingling and numbness at feet, short of breath and being restricted from physical activities that are held at schools.

Last year, a friend recommended me to FTI and I started to receive intervention again as my back started to affect my life and my work’s routine. I treated FTI as the last step before surgery, and to be honest, I did not put any hope in it. I have never thought that it will adjust my spine back or make it better. Many doctors have told me that my only solution is, surgery.

Gladly, I am very pleased with the result after a few sessions. My spine is still curved, my pelvic is still tilted with a huge difference, but my back pain and other side effects disappeared. And I don’t even realise I have never heard of “Are you ok? You look very pale” for a very long time. I rarely need to rest to catch up breath, apart from the time of working out.


I would say the journey with FTI is one of my life changing experiences as my trainer Jack, is long winded enough to get me change my lifestyle from non physically active to physically active (though still not pass his standard). Now I feel guilty if I never exercise during my free time!

Me and my friend (also Jack’s trainee) said Jack is a bomoh (I HOPE HE DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THIS LOL) as he could make our pain disappear after his session tho I hate to get him to release me. BUT IT HELPS!


He is also very particular with forms and postures, so whenever I bend to get something from the floor, I feel like I heard his voice “KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT!! ; when I am pulling something or playing with kids, I heard “ENGAGE UR SHOULDER BLADES”; when I feel like I gonna fall, “ENGAGE UR CORE!! ENGAGE UR CORE!!”

Besides that, he also constantly reassured me I will eventually get better with the training. (Still very skeptical tho I am feeling much much better, physically).

Now, I am writing this review today because I found out my condition of pelvic tilt got A LOT better. The differences between left and right tilt were from very obvious (can examine without X-ray) to very minimal!




I can also see improvement on my back and now, I can’t wait for my next x-ray’s results.

Yes, I am voluntarily going for a review again, after many years.