Personal Training Client: Gwendoline Chow

Age: 22 years old 

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

Gwen is born with global developmental delayed. She has zero mobility till 9 months old that she started to turn side to side, crawled, creeped, walked n eventually managed to run (only functional) at 8 years. She has low muscle tone on her back, legs and hands, cognitive challenges, low stamina and balance is a big challenge.

Gwen has been training under FTI’s few trainers for about past 6 years. We have been working on her balancing, core muscles and stamina. Her latest trainer is Samuel.

Gwen’s lack of ability to control and use the right muscles to run has always been a challenge to work with. But shortly after 2 months under Samuel’s treatment and training, she is able to run with both feet pointed front (in the past, her left foot usually tilted inward and she couldn’t run fast). We were impressed during 1 of the session she could complete 3 sets of running with good stamina and correct footing!

So far after 2 months of training, we continue to see Gwen’s good stamina, good footing for her running and cognitive functions coming along.

I will share and recommend friends to FTI….It is a place where people serve with love and more importantly its treatment and training is effective!