Personal Training Client: Hoh Jian Yang

Age: 22

Occupation: Student, BA (Oxon) Jurisprudence

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Personal fitness is one of those things that everyone secretly wants, but few people have the discipline to go about achieving it, or more importantly, the know-how to succeed. In my short two months of working out, Matthew Chan has managed to avail me of both. I am happy to say that if you need someone to whip your lazy ass into shape in the most efficient way possible, Mattew is definitely your man.


My freshman year in the United Kingdom had turned me into the human equivalent of a large blob. Late night pizzas and alcohol had layered the fat on and my energy levels were low. Within weeks of training with Mattew, I quickly started to look and feel a lot better. His workout regime was intense but gradual, beginning with sessions supervised by him and slowly moving on to including workouts that I would conduct on my own time. Each session with him was extremely educational; he demonstrated impressive knowledge about human biology in relation to this work, and his instructions and guidance on how to improve my exercise form were always welcome. I also noted that Mattew's workouts were tailored to my body's specific requirements, and whenever I asked him for specifics as to why, say did he favour the chest fly over the bench press, his answers were always satisfying and convincing. It should become immediately obvious after just a few hours with him that he is someone who knows exactly what he is doing, and has done it many times before.


Mattew has wrought significant change in my life. Within one month of engaging him as my personal trainer, I went from never going to the gym to being in the gym eight times a week for two hours each session. I began to look noticeably more muscular and fit, and my competence level in recreational sport increased. I was sleeping better and my serotonin levels were at an all-time high. In terms of pure strength levels, I believe that Mattew's input had increased my yield on that front multiple times over. In a mere two months I have progressed all the way down to the heaviest weight levels on the lat pull-down machine. I have gone from struggling to do a single chin-up to being able to easily perform over 25 over a 1 hour session, and most impressively, I can now do a maximum of 15 one-armed push-ups, 15 single leg squats in one minute, both exercises I never dreamed that I would be ever able to be perform.


I can say with certainty that these achievements would never have been realised without his help. Mattew has given me a jumpstart on my personal fitness journey, as now I can use these advanced exercises to further my goals at an even quicker pace. I cannot recommend Matthew enough as a personal trainer. He is knowledgeable, gently encouraging, and firm at the same time. If you have doubts about personal training, cast them aside, and if you are then looking for someone to who can firmly dispel those doubts, go to Mattew Chan. He will help you achieve more than you expect to.



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