Hypertension / Diabetes / Stroke / Arthritis / Constipation

Personal Training Client: Francis R Ng

Age: 42

Occupation: General Manager

Personal Trainer: Ralph


My fitness goal started simply to improve my overall health condition. I was overweight with high cholesterol in the blood and mild high blood pressure. As I progressed with my training, my confidence grew and I am now aiming for 6-pack abs! I tried jogging and dieting without much success. The lack of discipline is the main issue.


Ralph is very dedicated and committed. He makes up for my lack of discipline with gentle reminders, prodding to attend training sessions and to be careful with my diet. He plans my trainings and he is always providing variations to my training to make my training sessions interesting. I never really know what to expect until training starts and that is what keeps me coming back!


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Personal Training Client: Dr Shyamala Thilagaratnam

Occupation: Doctor

Personal Trainer: Initially Nelson Chong now Mattew Chan



It started off as a birthday gift for my brother-in-law - I thought that he might appreciate a package at FTI (which I'd heard about in a rather roundabout fashion) for his 50th birthday. The package came with a free training session with Nelson for me. Nelson worked his magic; in that one free session he had me touching my toes (which I embarrassingly had not been able to do for some time), and had figured out what needed 'fixing' - and I was hooked.


With FTI, Mattew and Nelson, I think I've found that inspiration I'd been seeking! And oh yes, my cholesterol levels and blood pressure were all within normal after about 6 months at FTI.


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Personal Training Client: Beatrice Oliveiro

Age: 58

Occupation: Lecturer

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


At our first session, I explained to Nelson about my old ankle injury. Because of this injury, my left ankle is very weak and that affects my stability. My husband and I love dancing but I have never been able to do it well because of my lack of balance. As we discussed my injury and my fears, I became convinced that Nelson knew exactly what he was talking about and how to help me to get where I wanted to go. Perhaps Nelson could help me improve my balance. I had consulted an orthopaedic surgeon about my ankle problem and all he wanted to do was to operate on the ankle. The ankle hurts periodically and I have come to accept that the pain will always be there and my focus was on how to manage the pain. Perhaps Nelson could help me in this too. My wish list to Nelson began to grow as we talked and he explained to me how we could, over time, improve my physical well-being. Strangely enough, the weight issue became secondary. I just wanted to be a stronger person so I could dance better and have less pain in the process.


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Personal Training Client: Michele Lee

Age: 41

Occupation: Senior Partner Program Manager

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Being active in sports and a school squash representative prior to my medical conditions, the symptoms greatly restricted my ability to exercise as before and my weight increased from 45kg to 56.5kg in a matter of 2 years. I was sceptical about the difference that a Personal Trainer could make. However just 3 months into the program, I saw results! Not only were the aches, stiffness and pain relieved, I lost 8.5kg and gained mobility, strength and fitness like never before.This would not possible without Mattew's determination and patience in improvising every move within my physical ability to help me overcome my weaknesses and to get the best out of me.


Mattew Chan is the most dedicated and professional individual in any vocation I have met. Throughout the 5 years I have been training with him, he has never failed to impress me with his relentless pursuit for new training techniques, methodologies, knowledge and to be the purveyor to benefit his clients.


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