Personal Training Client: Jacqueline

Age: 10

Occupation: Student

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong & Karen Goh


My daughter Jacqueline's weight was tipping at 54kg at age 10 which was almost twice the weight compared to children of her age before her personal training. Her self esteem was completely gone because of her size and bulging tummy. She was also being teased frequently by nicknames in school & even her brothers laughed at her for being a little fat kid.


As a concern mother, I tried increasing her physical activities during and after school but nothing seem to work. I even tried different diet plans from different sources but nothing changes. I was on the verge of going crazy till Nelson & Karen, my caring personal trainers offered to take up the challenging task of giving my daughter's back her self esteem.


Both Nelson & Karen were able to quickly identify the root cause of the problem that Jacqueline was malnutrition which affected her metabolism. Combined with sound nutrition, good eating habits & fun-filled variety of functional training exercises, Jacqueline finally dropped her weight to 45 kg in 2 months. She now looks healthier with better posture, slimmer waist & cheerful smile.


I thank Nelson & Karen for being very professional personal trainers with a heart. I will also strongly recommend anyone who wants to live a life with zest to train under them as this is their mission.


Jackie Yeh, Jacqueline's mother



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