Personal Training Client: Jacqueline Tan

Personal Trainer: Jack Nay Ko

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That is the reason that I would like to pen a few words of my experiences on my trainings under Jack and the quality of service I have received from FTI since 16 August 2021.

When I made enquiries, Elena responded promptly with my queries on the programme, the coaches and the costs. She has a very pleasant disposition that I never hesitate to approach the counter staff for big matter (such as training package cost) to small matter (such as I need a extra towel).

I enjoy the ambience in FTI, the cleanliness level is always kept at tip top condition. It gives me a feeling like I am back home, the air is always smelled fresh. The shower rooms never run out of shampoo, conditioner and body foam. Every locker has an unique motivational word that I have my favourite lockers. You shall find out if you join FTI and see me in FTI.

FTI has ensured there is consistency in their standard. I observed that though different coaches have different strengths and personal styles, however, Nelson (founder of FTI) has ensured that there is consistent practices across the coaches. Eg, The way the coaches speak to the clients, it is always come with clarity and sound grounded knowledge. I observe that the way they treat every clients with respect and they treasure their clients’ and concern for the clients’ well-being.

The impression and experiences that I have with FTI is the letter ‘C’.

  • The staff are committed to provide the best customer services.

  • The trainings are consistent.

  • It is one of my best choices I have made be coached under Jack.

I am very impressed with Jack’s knowledge, he always explains clearly and patiently. Jack is very committed in serving his clients. He will always check-in with my body’s conditions, analyse with me my body’s condition and data, give me advice on my food intake, taught me how to relieve my body’s soreness and tensions.

When I came to FTI with my strained ankle, Jack taught me how to relieve the strain. And now I can walk long distance or run, and knowing how to take care of my legs..

Jack has also designed trainings for me in building up my upper body’s strength, and overall flexibility. I am excited when I begin to experience the power of my abs.

Another ‘C’ that is the most critical factor of my training is Communication. Jack always responds to my messages on my daily trainings. He will give me advice on my exercises. He is very encouraging too, that when the training are tough, he encourages me and helps me to bring out my toughness to overcome and build on my weaknesses. Training sessions with Jack is very impactful that I always enjoy with the trainings he designs and I enjoy talking to him too, always so cheerful and friendly.

Cheers to coach Jack, he is one of my greatest blessings in my health and fitness journey. And I always look forward to his training sessions.

Congrats to FTI and coach Jack for every consistent and committed effort you are putting in, I believe it will bring you to a greater success and future!


Thank you for treasure me as your trainee and care for my health and fitness.