jensen yeoh.png

Personal Training Client: Jensen Yeoh

Age: 34 years old 

Occupation: Banker

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

I had a car accident in Dec 2020 which causes my neck and shoulder lingering pain for 5 months. At times, the pain will aggravate and could result in having headaches and sleepless nights. The headache could be so bad that I started to feel weak and nauseous.


I have seen many physiotherapist and even TCMs but conditions did not improve. Initially I chose to live with the pain but I realise that was not a long term solution until I met Sam.

Initially, I did not believe what P-DTR can help and I did not even know that such a treatment exists.

Sam was very patient with me clearing my doubts and allowing me to understand better of my body condition. Dietary and postural advice are just some of the many solutions he provided. I learnt adapt habits that help to ensure that the pain was going away and speeding up my recovery. Sam is very professional and accurate in getting to cure the acute pain that I was having.

It’s surprisingly taxing on your mind, but for good cause as it had given me real results in pain relief, and greater mobility.

With close to 9 sessions; 4 months of therapy, I am able to live pain-free in my body in particular to shoulder and neck. He had enlightened me regarding my body posture and understanding how my body functions.


With his expertise, passion and professionalism, he is the one to go to if you are facing any pain or body functionality issues, he will make sure you will walk out from his sessions with a recovered body.