Personal Training Client: Jerome Limozin

Age: 43

Occupation: IT Manager

Personal Trainer: Ryan Long


I am an avid amateur road cyclist. I started road cycling in Singapore a few years ago, and I got immediately hooked up to the sport, it’s very challenging and also, very social and entertaining! I cycle 5 days a week, an average of 300km per week. In May 2015, I went for a challenge, to ride the distance of Tokyo to Sapporo in Japan (i.e. 1,200km), in 7 days. This was a great challenge and a beautiful week of riding, but I wasn’t prepared enough.


With an average of 170km per day and quite a lot of climbing, the volume and intensity of riding was simply a lot more than what I was used to. After a couple days I started to feel acute pain on my left knee on the outside. Painkillers managed it for a while, but when I got out of painkillers, the pain was insufferable. On the 7th day I had to abandon the challenge, just 100km from the goal. I suffered for weeks after that, it was difficult to walk, etc. I was seeing an osteopath who diagnosed anusual issue with cyclists and running, called “ITB syndrome”. The osteopath was not able to cure the issue on his own, and referred me to FTI. He told me “Nelson will make you know about muscles you didn’t know you had!”


My lower back pain is contained since my training with FTI. After close to five years of training with FTI, I have better knowledge of my body. I had since move on from merely managing pain to improving my fitness level. Over the last 12 months, I have managed to improve my muscle mass, reduce fat mass, reduce level of visceral fat and enhance metabolic rate. I feel healthier than ten years ago.

My knee issue was nagging me for several weeks and I had no much expectation that it would get better anytime soon. I went in with a very low expectation. On my first visit, Nelson did look after me and immediately diagnosed the same condition as my osteopath, and told me with confidence that FTI can resolve my problem. I was a bit sceptical for sure, but he seemed confident and the way he explained my problem showed that he knew a great deal of what he was talking about.  Indeed, after going to the gym for a just a few weeks, and under the care of Ryan, the knee pain is gone. That’s just amazing. I am riding my bike again and do not feel any pain.


I have been training at the gym for about 3 month now. Going twice a week, and now that the knee is fixed, Ryan has moved to training more fundamental things like core stability and overall body strength. I am just starting torealize how weak my body is and this training is very, very much helping me for my cycling needs, as well as general health.  It’s too early still to see visible body improvements, but I can already do things that were impossible a few month ago.


The training culture is great, the gym has a relaxed atmosphere and there’s no pressure but only encouragements. I would very much like for my cycling friends to know about FTI and what benefits they can get training there.


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