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Personal Training Client: Jessica Hong
Personal Trainer: Hans Ng

For the past decade, I have been involved in high levels of physical activity at home and in sports as well as at the gym. Unwittingly, this has increased the risk for osteoarthritis. Believed to have wear and tear of my back and knees, the excess physical activity could cause my muscles and ligaments in lower back to stretch too much or tear that result in pain, stiffness, and even muscle spasms. That indescribable pain in my back not only limits movement in walking but also experienced agony to wake up from bed every day.


Then, VIVIENEN TAN, a close friend, recommended FTI. She endorsed this treatment to me. And my joints and muscles relief story begins.


It started in HANS, the caring trainer, and he is also a great listener with huge shoulders! He assured me he could help me and explained to me the medical issues I have been suffering. I can actually felt the most precise and effective methods to relieve my pain and optimal alignment of my affected joints.


The subsequent visits relieved the spasm to a whopping 50% reduction in pain.


At FTI, I feel a new person every time after a treatment. Besides, the care and the compassion of the front desk staff were excellent.


I cannot thank HANS enough for the care, concern, and great service you have always provided to me.


We are lucky to have found you!


Thank you, again!