Personal Training Client: Joel Tan

Age: 24

Occupation: Student

Personal Trainer: Ralph


I was previously very unfit, with little outdoor activity. The excuse of ‘no time’ and ‘too busy’ often took precedence over my health.


When I realized I was underweight (54kg) and couldn’t pass my yearly IPPT, I decided to sign-up for FTI’s training. My aim was to boost my strength, build some body mass and pass my IPPT.


I didn’t know I had posture issues too, of which Ralph discovered and helped me to correct it through various exercises.


I feel fitter and more willing to sweat it out! Over time, I can feel my muscles building up, and my strength has improved quite a bit. My friend even commented that I looked healthier in photos.


My posture has improved tremendously. I walk with less body slouch now, and that actually made me more confident.


Ralph is an excellent trainer. He films me doing the exercises and sends them to me. He takes note of my objectives and works towards them. Very patient too!


Trained for about 3-4 months now. I like the encouraging music they play everyday, and the fact that everyone is so friendly- even Nat the counter guy. I feel a bit intimidated at other gyms, but not in this one. There is this ‘different’ feel to FTI- the aunty cleaning the equipment every day, the trainers, the staff.



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