Joseph Goh


Master Rehabilitation & Functional Training Specialist

Graduate in Functional Fitness Feat (F3)

Xertube Module Master Trainer

Dumbbell Module Master Trainer

Personal Training Since






Fat Loss

Sports Training




Professional Opinion

I care, and hence, plan individualized diets and workout routines for my clients so that they will be in the best shape of their lives.



Year 2021


  • NKT L1 – Jackie Wu (Founder of Strength Therapy)

Year 2018


  • Kinetic Link Training Level 2 – Waynes Rogers (Health Adventure Australia)


Year 2017


  • Level 1, Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping – Dr. Jon Marshall (Manual Medicine Australasia)


Year 2016


  • M.A.T Method - Functional Assessment & Treatment+Training (Dr. Stephen King)


Year 2015


  • Lower Back Pain (Professor Stuart Mcgill)

  • Total Gym Gravity Foundation (Matilde Demarchi)

  • Kettlebells Level One + Powerbags Certification (Australian Institute of Kettlebells)

  • Foot Strike Functional Movement (Dr. Emily Splichal)

  • Barefoot Rx Rehab Specialist (Dr. Emily Splichal)

  • Barefoot Training Specialist (Dr. Emily Splichal)


Year 2014


  • R.E.H.A.B Fx (Ulrik Larsen)

  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) - Neck (Dr Joseph E. Muscolino)


Year 2013


  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) – Joint Mobilisation of the Spine

  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) – Low Back and Pelvis


Year 2012


  • Asia Fitness Convention Pattaya

  • Functional Trainer (Wayne Rogers)


Year 2011


  • Swiss Ball Metabolic Training Level 1

  • R.E.H.A.B Trainer Master Class (Ulrik Larsen)


Year 2010


  • R.E.H.A.B Trainer Essentials (Ulrik Larsen)

  • Free Motion Fitness MC2 Training



Year 2009


  • Functional Training Course (Human Principles)


Year 2008


  • Medicine Ball Training and Application (AASFP)

  • Advanced Personal Trainer Certification (AASFP) 


Year 2007


  • CFC School of Excellence Trainer Certification