Karen Goh


Co-Founder Managing Director of Functional Training Institute

Master Rehabilitation & Functional Training Specialist

Graduate of Functional Fitness Feat (F3)

BOSU Module Master Trainer



Personal Training Since





Special Population, Medical Rehabilitation, Pilates, Fat Loss



Professional Opinion

A strong mind starts with a fit body.


Year 2018

  • Functional Movement Conditioning®- Dr. Andreo Spina

Year 2018

  • The Body Aquarium : Lympathic Mojo - Dr. Perry Nickelston

  • Precision Nutrition - Dr. Krista Scott - Dixon

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy® : The Missing Link Level 1 

  • Mastering Shoulder Physical Therapy - Wayne Rodgers (Sports Physiotherapist)

  • Primal Movement Chains - Dr. Perry

Year 2015


  • Lower Back Pain (Professor Stuart Mcgill)

  • Total Gym Gravity Foundation&Pilates (Matilde Demarchi)

  • Kettlebells Level One + Powerbags Certification(Australian Institute of Kettlebells)

  • Foot Strike Functional Movement (Dr. Emily Splichal)

  • Barefoot Training Specialist (Dr. Emily Splichal)

  • Barefoot Rx Rehab Specialist (Dr. Emily Splichal)


Year 2014


  • Fundamental Gymnastic Strength (Gymnastic Bodies - Coach Christopher Sommer)

  • R.E.H.A.B Fx (Ulrik Larsen)


Year 2013


  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) – Joint Mobilisation of the Spine

  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) – Low Back and Pelvis


Year 2012


  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) - Neck

  • Zumba B1 Certified Instructor (Bangkok)

  • Asia Fitness Convention Pattaya

  • Functional Trainer (Wayne Rogers)

  • EIMS Clinical Fitness Professional Course (Changi General Hospital)

  • Secrets of X-Factor Trainer (Functional Training Institute)

  • Certified ViPR Instructor


Year 2011


  • Swiss Ball Metabolic Training Level 1

  • MC2 Master Trainer (Freemotion - Jeremy Storm)

  • R.E.H.A.B Trainer Master Class (Ulrik Larsen)


Year 2010


  • R.E.H.A.B Trainer Essentials (Ulrik Larsen)

  • Free Motion Circuit 44 Training


Year 2009


  • Functional Training Course (Human Principles)


Year 2008


  • Medicine Ball Training and Application (AASFP)

  • Flash Fat-Burning Manual (AASFP)

  • Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain Prevention (AASFP)

  • Ladies Shaping & Toning Skills Workshop (AASFP)


Year 2007


  • Resisted Movement Training (PTN)

  • Pilates (Polestar Education-Neuromuscular Education System)


Year 2006


  • Nutrition and Supplementation Course (Apex Fitness)


Year 2005


  • Body Balance (Les Mills Body Training Systems)


Year 2004


  • Advance Personal Trainer Certified (AASFP)

  • Exercise Rehabilitation Course (Changi Sports Medicine Centre)



Year 2003


  • CFC School of Excellence Trainer Certification



Year 2006


  • Singapore's Hottest Trainer (Straits Times Special Report Mad About Fitness)


Year 2005


  • Trainer with a heart (Straits Times Living Well Mind Your body)

  • Power Trainer (Straits Time Sweat)



Clients' Testimonials


Dr Kiran Kashyap

Dr Margaret Ling

Grace Lee

Gwendoline Chow

Jane Chiew

Koh Mui Geak

Kho Hui Suan

Lora Wilkinson


Nimi Doulatram Dadlani

Varkha J. Shamdasani

Sam Mei Ling

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