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Personal Training Client: Kelly Long

Personal Trainer: Hans Ng

I've been living with weak ankles since I was a teenager (twisted both ankles badly) and degenerative discs for more than a decade. Over the years, I developed compensatory pains. The pains in my knees and legs were so bad sometimes that I would need to hop down the stairs, and my ankles would just buckle while I'm walking.


Physiotherapy, traction, I had personal trainers... I thought I would just have to live with the pain. Last year, a good friend introduced me to FTI and to Hans.


I was skeptical, but I thought why not. Even if I don't get my knees and ankles fixed, maybe I can get fitter.

Hans is patient, attentive and genuinely concerned. He truly wants to help me get better. His knowledge, expertise, sincerity, professionalism and dedication are impressive. From the very first review session, I learnt new things - corrections that needed to be made to my posture and how I should walk.

And, Hans regularly gives me homework to help me get better faster. The strength training, the balancing exercises, the relief treatment… I’m getting better. 


After the introductory 3-session package last October, I signed a 10-session package. I'm now on a 24-session package.


I can walk down the stairs with little or no pain these days. I can't remember the last time my ankles buckled. And, I believe I'm fitter. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging at FTI.


Hans is continuing to work on strengthening my core to improve my back. I would recommend Hans and FTI to others. In fact, I have recommended Hans to a very dear friend. She has benefitted from her sessions with Hans too. And, she has recommended Hans to her friend as well.


Our sincere thanks to Hans!