Personal Training Client: Koh Hui Suan

Age: 59

Occupation: Retired

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh


I had a knee pain that prevented me from walking long distances. I had knee pain on-and-off for at least 5 years but the pain has grown worse since last November.


About 4 years ago, I had an injection for my knee problem and was recommended some basic exercises to manage the pain. I also took glucosamine supplements. Although the treatments made me feel better, it was only temporal. Since end of 2013, the pain has gotten worse. One of my friends, suffering from body pains and aches, recommended me to Karen. Her pains have reduced substantially and is very happy with her progress after several sessions with Karen.


Although I experienced great pain whenever my tight muscles were being released, I am feeling better and better as the sessions progressed. I have also a better understanding of my body, for example, part of my problem was due to my wrong walking and standing posture. I was taught to walk properly and with the right footwear. I was also taught how to control my body movements through the various workouts.


I have been training for about 4 months now at FTI. My knee pain has subsided a lot and I can walk longer distances now. I also have a better balance and am beginning to have better control of my body movements.


Although I hated exercises—a typical couch potato, I am beginning to enjoy my sessions with Karen who is a great trainer. Karen is very patient and guides me step-by-step, which I appreciate very much.

She does not push me to do exercises beyond my capacity but slowly build up my confidence before moving on to harder exercises. She will also think of different methods of training to alleviate my pain and build up my stamina.


I would recommend FTI to others as I think that the staff at FTI is professional, friendly and warm. The fact that I will be renewing my training package with FTI is proof that I believe in the professionalism of FTI.



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