Personal Training Client: Koo Jian Hui

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Personal Trainer: Ralph


I had pain in my hip and back for many months prior to coming to FTI. It was very annoying and prevented me from doing my sports, which are martial arts. I tried to do stretching but it did not seem to make the problem go away.


My aim was to make the pain go away and to recover my flexibility as well as strength in my hip joint. Although, at first, I just thought it was a pulled muscle, it began to cause other problems like stiff leg and back as well as preventing me from running. This would be a problem because I was enlisting in the army in 2 months and I did not want to be in pain while serving the nation.


I got to know about FTI through my mother's doctor who recommended it as a place to help recover from sports injuries and recover my functionality!


I trained for 3 months at FTI. Much of my pain is gone, and I am able to run and play sports again without having to worry about my hip. I can go into NS with peace of mind and train up again. Ralph also taught me exercises that I can continue doing so that I can prevent this problem from ever recurring.


I would recommend FTI to others because the trainers are excellent and the atmosphere is very encouraging and comfortable. Thanks to FTI, I am fit again!