Personal Training Client: Louis McAdory

Age: 45

Occupation: Physician

Personal Trainer: Ralph / Joseph Goh


I have been active for most of my life in sports and outdoor activities, but I am not a highly trained athlete. My objective is to maintain good health and fitness so I can remain active as I grow older.


I started training with Ralph at California Fitness shortly after I arrived in Singapore in 2011. It was clear from the beginning that he knew what he was doing. Even though CF was dominated by a sea of machines and there was very little floor space, Ralph found a way to emphasize functional training and core exercises in my workouts.


I followed Ralph when he transferred to Functional Training Institute in 2013. At FTI there is plenty of floor space and functional training equipment. So now we have many new options, and Ralph continues to challenge me with new exercises.


Ralph guides me through comprehensive workouts. Core stability and balance are the mainstays, but we are also working on strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance. Ralph carefully explains each new exercise and emphasizes proper form, so I can get the most out of it when I'm training on my own. We have discovered some weak spots along the way, and Ralph is teaching me new techniques to address those. 


The clientele at FTI is pretty broad. Some people are well-trained athletes, some are more middle-of-the-road like me, some are recovering from injuries, and some are just starting out. But everyone there is there to get results. 


The atmosphere is great. It's a friendly, almost family-like atmosphere where people at different levels share a common interest in improved health and fitness.



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