Marathon / Triathlon

Personal Training Client: Tan Kar Joo

Age: 50

Occupation: Senior Consultant

Personal Trainer: Llyon Lim


While training for my marathon, I started having pains on my knees and ankles, which I expected. I was totally amazed when these pains went away immediately after Llyon did what he called “releases”. Llyon was very patient in answering my many questions, and I learned a lot about how tight muscles could cause problems in areas far away from the muscles themselves, and how I could release them on my own using the therapy balls. I felt good that I am now able to relieve my own pains, and more importantly, that I am able to prevent injuries to my joints and hence preserve them longer.


Llyon observed that I have a poor sense of balance, which I knew all along but thought nothing of it as I have accepted it as “part of me - genetic”. Just 2 years ago, I lost my balance (if there is any in the first place) and fell while crossing a stream during my Fansipan trek in Vietnam. Also, I sprained both my ankles countless times, due to my lack of balance and weak ankles. I never thought I could ever improve my sense of balance. Llyon was very persistent though I was not able to do many of the single-legged exercises that he designed for me. After many months of training, I am happy to report that our hard work had paid off – I had no problems crossing a stream on rocks in my recent Nepal trip!


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Personal Training Client: Vivien Lee

Age: 40

Occupation: Corporate Trainer

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


I was already fit, strong, and totally independent in the gym when I first met Nelson Chong. Having had a personal trainer previously for more than a year and attaining the results I desired, I certainly wasn't looking for another personal trainer. I had arranged to meet Nelson out of sheer curiosity, because a friend who was training with him said he was good. I had a chance to work out with him when we met, and as they say, the rest is history. I was impressed from the start. He demonstrated an attention to detail that demonstrated professionalism and care. He wasn’t afraid to push me and I liked that. I love learning and it was evident that he had much knowledge to share and was willing to do so. I was sold. I wanted to give this guy a try, to see what else was possible for me.


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Personal Training Client: Joanne Pizel

Age: 35

Occupation: Marketing VP

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


After a horrendous 2nd pregnancy where I was debilitated with Pubic Symphysis and a misaligned pelvis I felt I had received an insight into what it is like to live with chronic pain and I did not want to face that in old age. The pain did not go away after delivering and following a series of tests I found I had degenerated spinal discs, and overall terrible alignment caused by weak back muscles and core.


Within a short few short weeks I could already notice a significant improvement in my condition and within a few months I was pain free. I continued with the training and when I fell pregnant 2 years later I kept it up. I could not believe how different my 3rd pregnancy was versus the 2nd one (and even versus the 1st). I had no pain whatsoever. I was still doing trips to the zoo and running after my 2 active boys just days before I delivered. A nice benefit after the birth was that my body bounced back remarkably quickly. I was back in my regular jeans 10 days later and back at the gym and exercising 3 weeks post delivery. I even managed to complete a triathlon in Bintan when my son was just 3 months old.


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Personal Training Client: Tracy Hodge

Age: 52

Personal Trainer: Albert Truong


I was first introduced to Albert in March 2015 at Spectrum Healthcare. I presented as a 52 years old, 60kg female with ongoing calf and Achilles strains persistently occurring after starting and stalling many attempts to incorporate running in an otherwise healthy active lifestyle. I was sporadically able to run distances of 3 to 5 km and my longest run had been a 10km 10 years previously.


Through a very proactive approach Albert introduced me to a series of rehab and strength exercises, regular dry needling, and extremely attentive correction of all exercises performed under his supervision every week. I was diligent in doing every exercise regularly and we concentrated on strengthening glutes, hamstrings and core plus ongoing calf improvements. I found initially all of the strength exercises very difficult but can measure my progress in the number of Nordic curls, pistols, squats and crab walks I can now do compared to starting base of almost zero.


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