Personal Training Client: Marco

Age: 25

Occupation: Sales Manager

Personal Trainer: Ralph


Before training at FTI, my problems were concentrated in the shoulders muscle group. I’m a very active person, I go to the gym and I practice Dragonboat, but for 8 months I was not able to paddle properly and the right shoulder was always sore. At the gym I wasn’t doing Shoulder press and Lat Pull anymore because of the pain. This all started from a wrong movement I did 8 months ago and then instead of taking care about the problem since the beginning I just took anti-inflammatory and painkillers in order to be able to keep training. During this whole period I tried to compensate the efforts using more my left shoulder with the result that after 2 months of doing it I got injured also on the left shoulder. I was desperate because at that moment I felt like having no other solution to get rid of the problem. Talking with one of my teammates, she suggested me to try FTI for my problems, as she was already going there and having good results from the sessions.


The first day I attended the FTI training I was quite surprised to discover that my problems were not caused by the shoulder itself but from the back. I learned, thanks to my trainer, Ralph, how to release the affected muscles by myself using the therapy balls. This means that the goal of the training since the beginning was to make me independent and able to take care about my body by myself after learning how to do it.


The body exercises were focused on learning how to use muscle that can prevent the injury again and help the back to support the shoulder in the movement when is under pressure. On top of that also postural correction, needed because of my job that obliged me to sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day, affecting the shoulder and back posture. After 3 sessions I already felt the difference, I wasn’t feeling pain after Dragonboat training and I stop taking anti-inflammatory. This is all because I started to engage the correct muscles instead of stressing only the shoulders.


I have been training at FTI for 1 month and after 2 weeks I was already feeling improvement not only in the boat but also in the gym (I started again the shoulder press and the Lat pull) and in the office (now I’m conscious about my posture).


The training culture is amazing because they concentrate all the efforts around your movement / posture / muscle activation and the consciousness about your body to solve the problems that you are facing. No medicines in the picture (and I like it).


I will recommend FTI to everyone facing issues like mine or with their body. It is not only a matter of fitness, but a matter of living your life better with a new consciousness about your body.




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