Personal Training Client: Dr Margaret Ling

Occupation: Doctor

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh

Exercise became an important part of my life when I went overseas to further my education at 17 years old. I would run long distance, participate in high impact aerobics, do pump classes with heavy weights. This would be a daily routine after work for most days of the week. I was only concerned about burning calories and was ignorant about correct posture, good technique and the kind of exercises suitable for my body. As a result, I suffered from recurrent episodes of severe lower back pain.
I would have attack of severe lower back pain with the pain radiating down my legs every one to two months. The back pain would occur suddenly after sneezing or coughing or simple acts like bending down to pick up an object. The pain was so excruciating that I was unable to sit or stand properly, let alone going to work. I would be on medical leave for periods ranging from a few days to 1-2 months. I was unable to exercise during those times despite taking strong analgesia and undergoing physiotherapy!
A MRI scan revealed spinal disc herniation at L4/L5 vertebral bodies. I was advised by the specialists to stick to swimming only and to stop all other forms of exercises. I was very frustrated and miserable.
I eventually returned to Singapore to work. That’s when I met Karen Goh who has been my trainer for the past 9 years. She was able to identify my problem and work on strengthening my lazy muscles that were responsible for supporting the back. All my weak and underused muscles were targeted and worked on! I had not had a single episode of back pain for the past few years.


In addition, I used to have “tilted” pelvis with one hip higher than the other as a result of my scoliosis. My bad posture and tilted hip was obvious when I wore a tight fitting outfit, which was not flattering at all! Karen has noticed that the first time she saw me. Her training has helped in correcting this! How amazing!
Last but not least, I was very surprised to find out how my exercise endurance and performance have improved over the years. Despite having a background history of spinal disc herniation and scoliosis, I was able to win a second prize during the TRX competition organized by Functional Training institute last year. My friends and family were very proud of me! Haha!
I am certainly blessed to have found a gym where there is “ALL in ONE”! A gym where one can come for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, lose weight, tone up and to stay healthy! Thank you very much Karen for changing my body for the better! I would recommend FTI to my patients and friends as this is a place where one can exercise “safely” and see positive results.
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